Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Suggestions and Comments

Thank you everyone for your support, suggestions and comments. Putting it "out there" isn't easy but I know my blogging friends and readers don't judge. There is still such a stigma attached to depression/anxiety/mental illness in general which makes it hard for those who suffer to speak up. There is a genetic link with my dad suffering terrible anxiety and long term depression. I was a witness to his pain and it wasn't pleasant. My mom helped as much as she could plus he had drug therapy, talk therapy and shock treatment. (Glad no one suggested THAT!!)

Many of you were in favour of medication as a temporary stopgap. That's a tough one for me as last year I weaned myself off of two drugs - one for anxiety related to menopause and one for back pain. If at all possible I'd rather not use any other drugs but I'm not totally closing the door.

Also appreciated are all of the hugs - even the puppy and 14 cat hugs:) Those of you who are pet lovers know how therapeutic it is to have a fur baby to stroke, snuggle and kiss. I think I'd be in much worse shape without Lily and Luna sprawling themselves all over me every chance they get.

As I type this Luna is cuddled up on my feet. Maybe it's my Icelandic socks she's enjoying - it's a chilly 12c today.

I saw the acupuncturist yesterday. Unlike when he treated the pinched nerve in my shoulder I am NOT getting instant relief for my back. He encouraged me to walk 8-10km everyday as it's good for the spine and discs so I've hiked Kilally Meadows yesterday and today. It's also a known fact that being out in "nature" is good for one's mental health so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. He also encouraged me to keep stretching and to get back into yoga. So I don't forget I've set my phone's timer to go off every hour and then I get down on my yoga mat for some fun.

Speaking of fun I liked  the suggestion of watching/reading things that are funny. Thanks for your list 444 - I won't take it lightly!!

Finally thanks to those of you who've shared their experiences with depression and Sluggy you never know when I might turn up at your door...nah...I'd give you fair warning. And Kim, you DO make me laugh :)


sluggy said...

Heck, the welcome mat is rolled out and waiting for you! It's just over a 7 hour drive......bet you drove further than that to PEI.
Since these defective eyeballs of mine have my waylaid at least until mid July that's the least I can do for now.
And if you do come down it will FORCE me to CLEAN THE HOUSE! lolz

Jane said...

Medication as a stop gap..it's not addictive... you'll be OK..promise.
Jane x

Gill said...

you know that we are here for you.

livingrichonthecheap said...

Pet therapy/exercise. Both sound incredibly healthy to me, I like the direction you are going. Buddy is doing much better thanks - after two days we went back to the vet today and got the dye treatment and it clearly showed that from huge cornea damage the size of my thumbnail on Sunday is now down to a couple of pinpricks to go. Apparently those cells regenerate like crazy and since he is a puppy it goes even faster. We were extremely worried and it is such a huge relief to know that he will be back to normal by the weekend - piss and vinegar included lol.

444 said...

No meds is fine, too. I believe that usually, people can do fine without them. Do what feels right for you.

I was sort of talking about pain meds if you need them for muscles, anyway. But again, you will do what you need and what's best for you.

Get an oxygen tank ready. I have laughed so hard at some of those shows that I had trouble catching my breath, and my ribs hurt.

kim said...

Hey at you service.

Jenn said...

Pet therapy is the best!! It's like they know it's their job when you are sick or feeling blue. My back pain was helped with deep tissue massage (ouch), and going to a physiotherapist to learn stretches to do which I did faithfully at home. This too shall pass, but maybe not as quickly as you would like. All the best! -Jenn

Michelle said...

Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy what a cutie!!

Julie said...

Good on you Jane - I hope that things settle down for you shortly. My own little therapy today was to take a walk, and go to see a movie. Then to come home and pat the cat.


444 said...

You'd better come on back soon so we don't worry about you!