Monday, May 4, 2015

Plover Mills

Where have I been?  I have been so excited about the wonderful weather we've been experiencing (sorry East Coasters...) that I haven't been spending much time indoors. But today we've had some rain on and here I am!!

Last Friday I spent some time on my bike and ended up downtown to snag a few photos of Kazi's latest gig - full-time day bartender at a brand new micro-brewery/bar/restaurant/retail store!! It's called Toboggan and I can't wait til a hot and sweaty bike ride ends with me sitting at my daughter's bar drinking a craft beer served by her loving hand! Hoping for too much??

She's worked a couple of shifts though they aren't officially open yet. They've had a few corporate events over the past week just for practice and to spread the word. Well...I just made that up but it sounds pretty good doesn't it? I do know they had some corporate events - I don't know when the grand opening is.

I was hoping Kazi might see me out the window and offer me a beverage but no...but your eagle eye might espy the top of a toboggan by the open window.

Saturday I hiked the Plover Mills Trail....again. We moved so fast that I couldn't really get any good photos so like the trooper I am I went back by myself in the afternoon to just stroll and take photos. Because you KNOW how I LOVE photos!!


And this is why it's called Bloodroot!

Hundreds of Trilliums (our provincial flower) throughout the woods...there's a closeup further down...

Most of the year large parts of the Thames River are too shallow for canoes, kayaks etc but right now it's still full from the spring run-off.

Did you know their were red Trilliums too?

 I love looking straight down into skunk cabbage - very pretty.

Do any of my plant experts know the name of this purplish plant?

Sunday I went to the trailer and I have WATER!! Hurrah! Only cold water for now as I have to call the natural gas company to get hooked up - natural gas will also power my stove and I'm thinking of getting a natural gas BBQ too!! No more propane tanks!  I was too busy to take any photos...oh darn! The birds seemed to enjoy my grass seed :(  I spent most of the day inside cleaning which was too bad as it was  quite mild and sunny but soon all the work will be done and I can just go and enjoy myself.

I spent lots of moolah today at Dollarama buying stuff for the trailer - cutlery, dishes, utensils, etc etc. And now you're caught up on the life of Jane. Oh, except for this evening - my brother is having a "shed night" to meet some people from the Netherlands who are staying with a neighbour and to listen to the tunes of Bob Dylan. Yes, it's a Dylan night. I'm not overly fond of him so I may leave early. I saw him once in concert and he kept his back to us the whole night, never even acknowledged our know, the presence who paid $100 for a friggin' ticket!!


mcval said...

Yikes! You had bad seats at THAT concert!!!! And that was just rude of him...
Too bad Kazi didn't see you! I'm sure she'd have sent a keg home with you on your bike. For free!

Gill said...

love the trilliums such pretty flowers.

livingrichonthecheap said...

Such sunny shots! Hopefully the company will outweigh the music - I am not really a Bob Dylan fan either, especially after that story.

kim said...

Beautiful pictures!

C.R.P said...

Oh! I had NO idea there were red trilliums! I love them! Much prettier than the boring white ones... lol!!