Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HOT Yoga

It wasn't that hot. I decided to start with Beginner's Hot Yoga and they don't make the room TOO hot for us newbies. It was pleasantly warm but not like a sauna. The poses were mostly ones I knew which was nice though I struggled with the ones requiring balance. I loved how reaffirming it was - full of "love yourself the way you are" and "love your body the way it is now" etc. The instructor was a young, very gentle and soft spoken woman, overall a good experience.

So today I got in my truck to go again but made a mistake - there are TWO locations in London and I went to the wrong one. Must read the schedule more carefully. Tomorrow I have a hike in the morning so will go to a class in the afternoon or early evening. I followed Thursday's class with a hot bath with Epsom Salts. I felt pretty good physically Friday but today am back to the usual level of pain.

Had to leave my post for awhile - Kazi got banged in the head last night - whacked heads with another bartender reaching down for stuff. I was a little worried about a concussion so skipped hot yoga (Saturday) and kept a close eye on her. She felt a bit dizzy, weak and nauseous and her vision was a little blurred. Doctor said for her to rest.  Never a dull moment.

Still no call back from the counsellor so I will call again tomorrow - the squeaky wheel and all that.

Whoa...I started this post several days's time to publish!


  • Kazi is doing much better now - back to normal. I'm glad I was here to look after her for a couple of days. Thankfully she didn't work Sunday and only did a half-day on Monday. By Tuesday she was feeling AOK once again. 
  • I have an app't with a counsellor this coming Monday.
  • Went to Hot Yoga again at a different location and man was it HOT!! Sweat dripping off the end of my nose the whole time. I felt so refreshed though when it was done. 
  • Enjoyable birthday celebrations yesterday - I'm 59!!
  • I need a new fridge :( :( :(
Furry Cuteness:
Lily is so hard up she has to nap in a box full of old newspapers - poor baby!

Luna, on the other hand, loves to stretch out on the most comfortable chair in the house!


livingrichonthecheap said...

I am glad Kazi is ok. Happy Late Birthday!! Your fur babies, as always are so cute it should be illegal :)

Gill said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you. Glad that Kazi is fine, there is always something eh? Not sure if I would like hot yoga, as I hate the heat at the best of times..........

Sharon said...

Happy, happy birthday Jane!!! :)!

anne in the kitchen said...

Happy Birthday!

Michelle said...

So, how do you like blankets on furniture (all. the. time.)? LOL! Don't feel too bad about needing a new fridge. Our lawn tractor had to be replaced. :(

Holly Hollyson said...

Lily and Luna are adorable!! Happy belated birthday! I like the idea of this hot yoga thing actually!