Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weight Gain of 3.5lbs....

Yes, sad but true!
But luckily I was holding my Sealed Pot when I was on the scales!! I know in terms of money 3.5lbs isn't a lot but then $5 bills don't weigh very much tee hee! I save my pennies, nickels and dimes in a separate pot and when I have enough to roll I add them to my Sealed Pot and today I was able to make a roll of dimes - so another $5.00 for the pot!

I haven't done a financial report yet for March so here goes:

Money in the bank - yes
Owe money to the bank - yes but less
Credit cards paid off - yes
Interest and payments made on line of credit - yes
Food in the fridge - enough
Bills all paid in full - yes
Money transferred to savings - yes
Money transferred to credit card ($88) to pay for TV in June - yes
Tax refund received - not yet but soon

So, there you have it. The budget is chugging along taking care of itself. Payday is next Thursday and I'll likely have my refund by then too. I read somewhere that getting a refund is just poor planning. That I should ask to have more tax taken off at the source as opposed to lending it interest free to the gov't but I kinda like getting a nice little lump sum that would probably otherwise just get frittered away.

I am giving myself the gift of today to have as a lazy day. Read the paper, drink coffee and tea, catch up on blogs and posting, start a new book, maybe take a nap. I had a lovely dinner out with my brother and sister-in-law and then caught up with friends to go dancing and listen to a band that a friend plays in. I had a great time dancing and laughing with my girlfriends and Michael but when I got home my head was buzzing and my ears were ringing so I stayed up for a while to unwind making it 3am by the time I got to bed! But, that's ok, because I have a week off to catch up on things I need to do. Today, I can just "be".

What have you been up to on this lovely sunny Saturday?


  1. I'm trying to get rid of a headache and turn the day into a lazy day, too.  If I can keep the headache at bay, that'll be a victory, and it's all I need today!

  2. Congratulations on your weight gain!!!!

  3. thats the kind of weight gain that you don't mind! 

  4. a relaxing day sounds great! I'm tired - tryng to adjust to day shift and it's rainy outside..makes it tougher!

  5. What a wonderful day you had.  We're having a spell of lovely weather right now and have been taking advantage, walks both Saturday and Sunday, getting our dose of vitamin D and fresh air.

  6. I was all ready to commiserate with you on weight gain.....

    I'm going to be so excited when we all unveil our sealed pots...I have been throwing in $5 bills and all of my change.  I love the idea of rolling the change'll be so much easier when it comes time to count!

    Sounds like you had a very relaxing day...I need one of those...and soon!

  7. My sealed pot has seen very little action unfortunately... :( And there are no bills in mine. *sigh* I think i'll shove whatever change is left in my jars this week so it gets a little bit at least! Darn budget! Screws you over everytime!!! ;) hehehe!!

  8. I know, I know!  It's great having a bunch of no spend days but then there's zip, nada, nothing to put into my sealed pot!

  9. Tee, hee...gotcha! The weight comes and goes - I just can't seem to keep it gone. I lose the same 2-3 pounds over and over again - very frustrating!

  10. Hang in there my friend!

  11. Teehee - that's the first time I've ever been congratulated on GAINING weight!

  12. I love getting a nice sized refund. I have been told over and over not to do that but the extra money helps so much. 


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