Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Number of Things

My lovely mother used to write a column for the Norwich Gazette and she called it "A Number of Things".  Like her, I don't always have just one topic on my mind to write, I often have, well, a "number of things".  So today's post title is brought to you by:

Va va voom, mother dear!
Wish I was as thin as you!
First I'm going to show you what our talented Carla made for me. I'm going to a baby shower on April 1st and look at me, I've already got the present and paid for it out of my gift fund! A blanket, ribbon blankie and burping pad.
 About a day or two after I found out that the mom-to-be was decorating the nursery in a "Peter Rabbit" theme Carla posted her new baby sets made with, what else, "Peter Rabbit" fabric backed with minky! And the predominant colour is green which is perfect as this couple isn't going to find out the gender of their baby.
Well, I mean they will eventually but not before!
 Worried about spit up Peter?? Don't worry, it'll wash out!!
Also included is a hand made card - so sweet!

That wasn't all I purchased, oh no! I had also ordered a mug rug pour moi! I loved the brown paisley materials Carla had posted recently and when I saw the mug rug she made for Makky's mom (I think!) I just had to have one for myself!  And look!
It fits on my little side table perfectly.
 And is a really nice match to my brown paisley chair where I sit to read and blog every day.
 I think this picture is upside down, not really sure, but does it matter?
It works! I love it, thanks Carla!
And I'm not done yet! Carla gave me a bonus gift! Yes she did, I know, she's so sweet!
 It's my own little whimsical wallet - isn't it so cute?? I adore it!  My favorite fabrics!
 So what am I going to use it for?
I'm going to carry it everywhere with me in my purse. It'll replace the boring white envelope I currently carry to put my receipts in. See, there's one in there already!
Thanks Carla - that was an unexpected treat!

Strange story: on Friday when I was leaving Carla's I noticed something hanging down underneath my car. I don't think that's supposed to be hanging like that - and at first I thought it was part of the car. I got down on my knees to take a closer look and saw the word "Emerson", then "play", and "record". At first I thought it was from a pile of stuff I'd taken to Talize, a second-hand store. But that didn't make any sense. I pulled and twisted and finally freed it from the car. Then I hoped and prayed that all of the car's fluids wouldn't leak out!! It was indeed the plastic front of somebody's old VCR!! One of us must have run over it and it got jammed under the car. So far the car seems to be running fine and there are no warning lights on or strange noises or odors! So far no one is admitting to running over anyone's VCR, but then Kazi drove the car last year with a flat tire and didn't notice that either...I'm not accusing anyone...just sayin'.


Brad said...

Aha!!! Angelina Jolie stole her pose from your mom!!!

Little Lamb said...

Love the items Carla made for you!  She's so talented.  I hope your car stays running well!  What a strange item to be hung up under there!  

Savingfortravel said...

That really is a strange story! Just glad the car is ok.

Lovely gifts from Carla. You are getting really organised.

Sft x

Johanna said...

Such lovely things for a baby :)
David came home with a men's shirt stuck under his car one time. Strange things people throw on the road.

C.R.P said...

Your mom was so slim & beautiful! :)

Thanks for the sweet compliments, Jane!! :) I do hope your friend will like the set!! You're welcome for the little wallet, that's a good idea about using it for receipts! Mine are always crammed in my main wallet & it gets to be a pain! lol!

That's funny about Kazi... lol!!

Canadiansaver said...

Everything Carla made is great!  It'll make a lovely gift :-)

That is too funny about the VCR part under your car!!  So glad no damage was done!

kim said...


Jane said...

I was a bit worried about your friend not finding out about their baby's gender...but then some parents never really do !
Jane x

debby said...

What cute gifts from Carla!! The new Mom and Dad are going to love all of the nursary things, so darn sweet. I recived a mug rug from Carla this week as well, I need to get a photo of it and post, I LOVE IT!!! How cool is it to have a gift fund, I think it keeps my spending in check a little better.

Marguerite said...

wow, your friends are going to get a wonderful treat at their shower.  Love the Beatrix Potter theme, those drawings are just wonderful.

judy said...

I cant wait for my box from Carla to get here!!!  I have a baby set also, and some wallets!!  

Hope the vcr didnt do any damage.  I once drove over a plastic bag which melted all over something and the car stunk every time we put the heat on!

maureencairney said...

It has always been clear to me that writing is in your blood as your posts are always so imaginative and well written, what a gorgeous Mum

I am a little jealous of the fact that you can nip over to Carla's, why can't you live nearer me ??

I was thinking I'll bet your glad it was'nt road kill under your car !!!!

Susanna said...

LOL her mom looks a LOT better IMO!

Susanna said...

well if my friend has another I know where to shop for baby stuff!

Jpkittie said...

so pretty!!!!! :) 

Louise said...

the items from carla are lovely! especially the mug rug, very nice!

Jane Harrison said...

I'd love to live nearer to you too, but for now we'll just have to make do - when I retire we'll come visit you! Michael has been to Australia a  couple of times and wants me to see how amazing it is. And thanks for the complement - I can write much better than I can talk - having a blog is perfect for an introvert like me:)

Jane Harrison said...

Ewww, that would suck! Car seems fine so far but keeping my fingers crossed!

Jane Harrison said...

I know eh? Don't know how I managed without the gift fund before - I guess I just lived on less for the rest of that month!

Jane Harrison said...

It's more of a modern thing I think, finding out the sex of your baby is so much easier these days, but most folks I know still want to wait and be surprised.

Jane Harrison said...

If I don't have a specific spot for my receipts I lose them, and your wallet is much swankier than my previous paper envelope!

Jane Harrison said...

Who are you - Brad Pitt lol? Thanks for the hilarious comment Brad :) You gave me a good chuckle!

Jane Harrison said...

Awww thanks Susanna - I agree!! (Angelina is so pasty white!!)

SonyaAnn said...

Your mom looked so good in that pic.
I love the blanket and the fact that you paid for it out of your fund.
Your car is made by Emerson-LOL.

Jharrison56 said...

LOL - maybe that's why it only plays cassettes!!