Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day - 2010

Today we had our first significant snowfall and it was extra nice as we weren't driving anywhere. YAY. Last night, or this morning I should say, we drove home from a party through freezing rain, luckily only a few blocks.

This afternoon Michael and I had started dinner preparations as we were having a neighbour over but he was so excited about the snow we turned the stove off, put on our snow gear and headed outside to play.

I could say we have resolved to have more fun this year - but we have fun all of the time. We did lay in bed a long time this morning figuring out what our New Year's traditions would look like next year and we decided that we would stay in bed all day long, eat a big breakfast in bed, write in our journals, read, and watch movies.
Gee, wish I didn't have to wait another whole year before implementing this plan!

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