Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Toronto Mirvish Package Weekend = Good deal!

View from the CN Tower

My daughter and I recently took a wee trip to Toronto a week before Christmas. With our busy lives we don't spend a lot of time together anymore so this Christmas I decided to give us the gift of some mother/daughter time by purchasing a Mirvish dinner/theatre/hotel/Toronto attraction package.

It turned out to be a VERY GOOD deal. And so nice to be pampered for a couple of days. Kazi and I reconnected over martinis at Fred's Not Here and had an amazing meal: Jump Up spicy soup, roasted sole (I think it was the whole fish! and bread pudding in rum sauce), laughed and cried at The Sound of Music, got a free upgrade at the Sheraton Hotel (complete with valet service, free appetizers and free breakfast) away up on the 42nd floor - you know? you can get some really great shots of the big city from the 42nd floor:)

Sunrise from the Sheraton Hotel

Sunset from the 42nd floor

My happy child in the big city

The King Tut Exhibition at the AGO
We also took in the King Tut exhibition at the AGO as we have always had an interest in everything Egyptian and of course what weekend is complete without a little mother/daughter bonding at the Toronto Eaton Centre. We both managed to find something to wear on New Year's Eve and called the weekend a great success.
We've decided we should do this every year and cut down on gift buying as we had so much fun. It's not easy as your child gets older, goes to university, gets a boyfriend and works two jobs to find the time to chat and enjoy time together so sometimes you have to "create" the time. I'm so glad my new partner (also time-consuming:) came up with this idea of a weekend in Toronto. I was feeling that my daughter and I were growing apart but it was just like the old days when we travelled together all over the country for her Highland Dance competitions (but less expensive)!!
So if you're looking for a way to reconnect with a loved one, or are looking to cut back on "stuff" as opposed to substance I recommend taking a trip. It doesn't have to be an expensive cruise - a weekend could be just what you need!

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