Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting Closer to Getting There

I took a walk with a friend through the Westminster Ponds on Sunday and took many pictures of the most incredible spring journey I have ever been on. The photo above was my favourite shot of the day.
This is a part of getting there: taking in the beauty that nature has to offer. Also, getting away from HERE (work, stress) is a big step towards getting "there".

Fiddleheads - just one of the many amazing edibles nature has to offer. I often came home to find wonders of nature in the kitchen - my father was a great one for walking through the countryside and bringing home treasure in the form of: fiddleheads, watercress, puff balls and morels.

Our provincial flower was in full bloom.

And the flowering trees, dogwood and crabapple, were in full bloom. My heart is full of the beauty nature has on display.

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  1. wow! Beautiful! Funny too because I was outside marveling over squash and zucchini blossoms and realizing strawberry plants have flowers! I even got a few photos I thought about putting on my blog and webshots! I still get in too much of a stressed out hurry but I'm learning and trying to appreciate the little things in nature and not take them for granted!


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