Friday, March 18, 2011

Gotta Have a Goal

* I almost missed by blogiversary. I've been blogging since 2007 and started THIS blog March 17, 2009. To celebrate I am reposting my first post. I think the content will sound vaguely familiar:) Just a few changes over the past two years: I acquired a BF (exactly 1 month after I started THIS blog!); I didn't plan to buy my retirement property before I retired but am oh so glad I did, AND it turned out to be in PEI, not Nova Scotia. Otherwise I am still on track!

Every summer I play at being retired. I relax at my trailer in Bayfield by reading, snoozing, swimming, bike riding etc but then on August 1st I start to lose my focus. Being a school teacher I begin to get anxious and have recurring nightmares about not being prepared. Last summer it was so bad I got "shingles" on my right arm and hand, which sort of hindered the getting ready part being a right-handed person.

So naturally, I look forward to the summer when I am no longer whacked in the head when I rip July off of the calendar. Being a goal-oriented person I have decided to embark on a five year retirement plan (a little early)(nothing like getting a head start), which will hopefully see me retire two years early on a reduced pension. I think I can do it and will use this blog as a way to chart my progress and hopefully inspire a few others to get off the treadmill and start enjoying life.

My goals are thus: pay off my remaining debt in 2 1/2 years; increase my savings by roughly $80,000; get rid of a lifetime of accumulated stuff including my 18 year old daughter (but not in the same way!); redecorate and sell my condo and purchase a retirement property somewhere out east, probably Nova Scotia.

That should keep me occupied for the next 5 years and will hopefully provide a creative outlet for all that pentup anxiety that we teachers (among many other professions) carry with them constantly.


  1. Bravo, Jane!!! 2 years of blogging... WOW! I am so glad you have chosen PEI over Nova Scotia to retire. You will have no regrets. You and Michael will have a happy, peaceful life on this beautiful island!!!
    Island hugs,

  2. Isn't it amazing that when you put your dreams and goals "out there" they all come together? I love it!! Things are coming together for you in a lovely and perfect way.

  3. How lucky for us that you decided to start your blog. I find you to be an inspirational, happy, motivational force, who knows what she wants and it getting it.

    Looks like your Daughter is a keeper maybe she is also motivated by her spunky Mum.

    Here,s to retiring to PEI.CHEERS..

  4. Since I'm new to you, it doesn't sound "vaguely familiar" to me. But I'm so jealous that you can take a picture with your feet propped up. That is the life!
    Happy Blogiversary!
    Your Friend, m.

  5. 2 years! congratulations. It looks like setting some specific goals really worked for you as you've accomplished or are well on your way to completing them. By the way, love the new blog header. (but then am partial to plants...)

  6. It's all coming together Jane! I'm so, so glad that you started blogging! xoxo


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