Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Weighty Subject

No, I'm not referring to the tree which by the way was light as a feather HAH!
No...I'm referring to my own weight.
I did something I've never done before while at the doctor's office last week but forgot
to mention it in yesterday's post.
The nurse wanted my height and weight.
Nothing unusual about that.
When I stepped on the scale I just looked at the ceiling.
YUP, never done that before. 
Usually I anxiously watch the scale and want to tell the nurse that my
clothing must weigh at least 10lbs so please deduct that from the overall total!!
But...I don't need to know my weight any more or obsess about it.
I don't care what I weigh. 
It took me awhile to find a photo of myself in my khaki hiking pants
but I finally did. Why?
These are my favourite pants of all time.
As long as they fit then my weight is perfect!
There have been times when the zipper is hard to do up so
I modify my diet a bit and/or exercise more.
But when I put them on last week for my jaunt through Kilally Meadows 
they slipped on and did up easily.
That's all I need to know.
I'm the perfect weight!

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