Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Medical Report - Gross Photo Warning!!

Last week was a very physical week - 6 hours of volleyball, long sweaty bike rides in rather steamy weather ( I am NOT complaining) and a trip to the doctor's office!

As for my health...I've had no call back after my pap test last week so hurrah for that!

I had a "push biopsy" scheduled for today with regard for a bump on my shoulder but since the doctor made that appointment the bump gradually got smaller and eventually fell off!! Woohoo - the biopsy was cancelled after the doctor had a look.  Which is fantastic as here is a description of a "push biopsy" -
a metal, rodlike instrument with one pointed or cavitied end and one propulsion end to be pushed hard with the palm of the hand or driven with a hammer in order to drive a hole or to excise a small round piece of tissue. punch biopsy. a circular piece of skin excised by a hand driven biopsy punch.

And another different kind of bump on my back was frozen off a couple of weeks ago and has healed perfectly! I'm batting a thousand so far!!

* gross photo warning

There is just one area where the healing continues...my FEET! ...specifically my toe nails!

Warned ya!
My poor toesies

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