Saturday, September 23, 2017

On the Bright Side

Loch Lomond
I am one of those people who always look on the bright side. Sometimes I have to look really really hard for that silver lining but it's there, I swear.

This time around it wasn't so hard.
Loch Lomond seen from Conic Hill
Once I got home and emailed my siblings to let them know one of my brothers wrote to me that he has wanted to return to Scotland (he last went in 2012) and he thought we would have a really great trip if we went together.

Right now you're thinking "oh what a nice thing for her brother to do"...which is exactly what I thought..."oh he feels sorry for me and is offering to go with me so I can see what I missed."  But, as he told me Thursday night when we went out for dinner with another brother and his wife he'd gotten the bug to visit Scotland again while I was planning my trip. It wasn't a pity gift!!! (Not that I would have minded!)
Loch Lomond from Conic Hill
We haven't set a date or anything but I now have this opportunity to get to Scotland again. YAY!!

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SAM said...

I'm happy this will work out!