Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jordan River

The trek from the parking lot at Jordan River wasn't very different from French Beach but I
enjoyed it immensely. Efforts had been made to make it somewhat safer which
I appreciated :)

I enjoy the suspense of going down down down until finally
the beach and water is revealed.

Of course on my way down I had to snap a few photos of the flora - more
fantastic ferns...

 I love how ancient ferns are - they've been around since the Jurassic period!

Finally I emerge from the trail and reach the beach
 - as I am just a few kilometres down the road from
French beach it isn't really anything new.
But to me it's worth looking at again.

View to my left...

View to my right - somewhere down there is the actual Jordan River.

Hey - I'm getting better timing the waves!

The Russians are coming.....!

I'm going to have the Dickens of a time deciding which photos
I'll turn into watercolour paintings - this one below is a contender!

 I have to say the size and amount of 
driftwood and tree fall 
on the island's shores boggles my mind! 
I saw many a warning sign and I obeyed!

 Hi everyone - having a terrific time exploring the coast!
The weather is perfect.

 Tree sculptures :)

Anyone know what these flowers are called?

 I turned and walked to my right (northwest) to see if I could
find the river but ran into a rock wall. 

Time to travel further along the coast. I want to walk
part of the Marine Trail in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.
There is a section that runs from China Beach to
Mystic Beach - how can I NOT go to Mystic Beach!?

 Next up: The trail to Mystic Beach!

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SAM said...

You totally captured the waves!