Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Header Issues

The header photo and the one above are photos from my first UK trip when I walked the Cotswolds area. They post properly. When I try to use one of my photos from my BC trip in the header it only goes 2/3rds of the way across. I tried a number of photos with the same result. Blogger is giving me a headache.

If anyone knows why (is it because I've done some editing to my BC photos (cropping, straightening etc)? please let me know.  Grrrrr! Anyhoo until I figure it out I'll be keeping my old header photo. It shows me swapping out suitcases when my pink/black flowery case had its wheels broken during the flight from Toronto to Halifax. Haven't even left the country yet and I'm spending $100+ on a new suitcase.

The photo in this post (previous old header photo) shows me taking a breather while wandering the streets around Piccadilly Station waiting for my train to Moreton on Marsh. I stowed my suitcase in one of those places that charges an arm and a leg for the service. It was worth it so I could see a little of London with just a big fat purse and a stuffed backpack! I've learned a lot since that little adventure :)

Here's the photo I tried to post as my header:
Is that not an amazing reflection? I take no credit - all credit goes to the creator!  And to the person working for the Dep't of Transportation who was smart enough to put a pull-off spot just there :) Of which there are not nearly enough!!

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