Friday, June 10, 2016

What the Heck Day is it Today?

I just love waking up with a migraine:(  I've completed Round One of my migraine cure but will have to follow up with Round Two shortly as although it's a bit improved it's not gone. And if it's not gone it will get worse. Bleh...

Part of my headache I'm sure was caused by my "fun times" at the Bell store and Apple store yesterday as I tried to figure out the best option to replace my caffeinated iPhone. Apparently it can handle being rained on all night in the parking lot but draws the line at hot coffee topped with hot soy milk foam! I'm very disappointed.

To make a very long story short the cheapest way to move forward was to purchase the same OLDer model iPhone I had been using (and am used to) and maintain my current contract so that I can get a free iPhone upgrade next year. The Bell guy tried to sell me on the latest iPhone (better camera blah blah blah) but when he topped off his spiel by saying "and then you probably won't need to upgrade next year (thereby saving Bell several hundreds of dollars) I thought I'd go see what Apple could do for me.

They sold me on "recycling" my java phone and replacing it with the same much cheaper and older model which I'd been using for a whole 10 months. Personally I liked the fact that I'd have the same phone which I knew mostly how to use rather than getting a newer one with more bells and whistles that I'd somehow have to integrate with my current level of expertise. It was a no-brainer! Instead of shelling out $800 I spent under $400 which I hope to recoup in next week's yard sale - I am now very motivated to sell sell sell!!

Yesterday was spent reloading all my apps etc and after 48 hours life continues on as before.

Oh yes, it's Foto Friday! Let's see what was going on one year ago...
I caught Lily watching me from the stairs.

I made my healthy version of nachos on a bed of romaine and asparagus.

It was Gathering on the Green  and my brother, Gord,
was selling his birdhouses. (He's the bearded guy
wearing a hat and shades.

The dunk tank was popular!
Musical entertainment

Learning tai chi!

Free and supervised parking for bikes - yup,
mine's there! Look at that sky!

My friend Julie worked with kids
creating crafts :)
Happy weekend my friends - don't drink and text!!

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  1. You might be qualified for a complimentary Apple iPhone 7.


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