Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Blah Day, No, Really

This is insane. I actually put the heat on for awhile today because I was shivering. I had sweat pants on and socks and a the house! We had the hottest May on record and what; now it's winter again??

So, I'm sitting on the couch - fresh cup of coffee in one hand and phone in the other as I was going to check the weather. I can do that with one hand. Well, only sometimes it seems. I can't really describe what happened but in a split second my phone slid into my mug and hot coffee scalded my stomach! I ran to the kitchen and dumped out the rest of the coffee, quickly rinsed the phone in clean water, dried it with a tea towel and slide it into a container of rice I keep expressly for that purpose. I want to check if it works but Kazi said to leave it for at least 24 hours. Oh Lordy.

I have some hope as a couple of months ago said phone laid out in a rainstorm overnight and then worked just fine. I'm hoping it has 9 lives!

Eventually I looked up the weather on my laptop which had been on my lap when the accident happened but only got a few drops on it. It was only bloody 8c!! Feeling like 5c with the strong cold wind that was blowing. Do I really want to go out and rack up some cycling kms today? NO!

So I clocked 25km on my stationary bike today while watching "Aquarius" starring David Duchovny, a sort of fictionalized series about Manson. A little light TV to top off a dark, dull and dank day. And it's only 2pm!!

Just in case I burned off a bunch of calories I'm munching on a few chocolate-covered digestive cookies. I wouldn't want to get any thinner hahaha. Grooooaaaaaaannnn! This is NOT my day! Since I was feeling very glum I thought I would write a blog post and share the pain!

And I'll also share a few birthday snaps which I promised a week or so ago so I can remember being happy!! Here's just a sampling in no particular order:

Me with friends Julie and Troy.

A closeup of my tattoo!

Me eating my cake :)

I don't remember the joke!

My sister-in-law Pat and my brother Gord.

A fit of the giggles!

Drinking tequila shots! YUM! 

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