Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ya gotta love a man who gets up at 5am just to make some Early Morning Eye Opener in the juicer for ya! Some apple, orange, ginger, turmeric, kale and what have you... (great way to use up leftovers - I think a lime went in there this morning)! I can actually feel the energy from all the vitamins and anti-oxidants flowing out to my extremities - a bit like the amazing HULK (it's the kale!)! So far this school year I haven't had so much as the sniffles (but I probably just jinxed myself by mentioning it though!)

I have nothing in particular to say, have you noticed yet? Last night I helped Kazi study for another bar tending test, this time for Earl's, the restaurant she's working in. I'd name a drink and she'd list all the ingredients and the amounts - I felt a little lightheaded after a couple of hours! She passed with flying colours especially when compared to the other guy doing the test who couldn't remember anything! Did you know a Mai Tai has almond syrup in it? Now you do!

Tomorrow I'm throwing my last ever classroom Halloween party. I just know I'm going to regret not holding it on Friday (think kids on sugar overload!!) but  Halloween fell on a Thursday this year and I don't like having a party AFTER the holiday is over. There will likely be a few very hyper people in the classroom on Friday...and that's just the staff!! 

The students' Best Buddies are coming - 29 in all - that makes 40 kids plus 7 adults all in one not very big classroom. I have some crafts organized, some games (teams racing to wrap each other up with rolls of toilet paper!!), lots of snacks/drinks, someone burned a CD of Halloween music (Monster Mash etc) for dancing to, I have prizes and treats, lots of decorations - should be a blast! I feel a headache coming on :)

So off I go to bed to get my rest! I'll need a giant glass of juice tomorrow morning MICHAEL!!


  1. I've always wondered .... how did you come up with the name Kazi? Is it short for something longer?

  2. Never mind juice, you are going to need Tylenol!
    Jane x

  3. oh my goodness, thank you Anon, for asking. What a story!

  4. Antioxidants, alcohol, and sugar all in one post!

    And I tried to post about your stunning pictures but disque didn't like me. They were breath taking. Makes me want to move. Want me as a neighbor?


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