Monday, October 28, 2013

Take it or LEAVE it!

 An easy post most of you know Michael and I love to get out into the woods and by lakes to enjoy what nature has to offer - we find it heals our hearts and brings us great joy.
We also love to take photos...hundreds and hundreds of photos! This autumn has been spectacular - the weather has been mild and the change of colours very gradual.
 Most trees still have the majority of their leaves - when they finally all decide to fall, it will be a sad sad day.
 So, enjoy a walk through the woods and around a lake with us as we glory in the sunshine. You'll also see some wildlife - some turtles enjoying the sun before burying themselves in the mud at the bottom of the lake, a snake slithering up an embankment, ducks splashing and geese soaring.

Hearts are everywhere!

 Getting a different perspective!
 Fishing season is not over yet!

Not too wild :)


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love your perspective on life, Jane! You & Michael are so inspiring! I have to admit, that snake near me would have ended with a scream SO LOUD that every living creature with a 10 mile radius would have ran for the hills... *blush*

  2. Great moments captured on film. Very pretty.

  3. Gorgeous photos Jane!

  4. beautiful, love the pictures.

  5. Our leaves have almost all gone...but seeing yours lifted my spirits!
    Over the past two years I haven't seen as many snakes as usual,I hope this is just a cyclical thing not a trend.
    Jane x

  6. LOVED LOVED LOVED everything BUT the snake....
    Thanks for the reminder to enjoy our local lake. I will go on my birthday (seems to be an annual event!) Hopefully there will still be beautiful leaves on the tree next week!

  7. Stunning, Jane! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Well hello Wendy! Thanks for viewing! :)

  9. Not fond of snakes either really, but the little one are kind of cute when they're headed in the opposite direction!!

  10. I wouldn't have taken you for someone afraid of snakes!! Now I know something else about you :)


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