Saturday, October 19, 2013

Patio Stones - GONE!

Going, going GONE!! That is the theme around here these days. I am quite enjoying the dismantling of the home I've lived in for almost 20 years and watching things disappear! Rereading the last sentence makes me wonder if I've lost it! Well, har har har, if I haven't lost it then I'm getting rid of it!! Good riddance!

The last in the long list of things to BEGONE are our old patio stones.

Remember these ugly things?

No, not my hand-me-down moccasins (I call my style "Early Kazi") but the patio stones behind them. Stained, not level anymore, ugly as sin patio stones?

 All 27 of them carried to Dougie the Dodge by Michael! #28 will continue to reside under the central air conditioner.
Only Michael could still muster up a smile when about to carry #27 to the truck! Honestly, we did try to borrow a wheel barrow with no luck. Michael also asked his son to come and help out but gave up waiting for him to arrive. Kids these days...
Once loaded Michael drove Dougie the Dodge to Bayfield and unloaded all of the patio stones at our old trailer, which friends of ours now own.  We thought they could extend the dance floor....

....which isn't nearly large enough once I get going!  And they could put them behind the trailer where the weeds are rampant...or both!!

I'm just glad they're Gone Baby Gone! (We watched that movie last night on Netflix! How apropos!)

Here's what we plan to do next....

...IF this were our yard...but since it isn't it'll look more like this...

...except we need to get more flagstones and fill in the spaces with something and of course it'll be a bright sunny warm day when we are ready to sell not cold and raining like today!! Hah!

So far we've purchased 1/2 ton of flagstones but they don't go very far. Each time we have to carry a load like that we are soooooo grateful for Dougie the Dodge. He's so big and strong!

And you too Michael, you too!!


  1. Now my question is was Michael able to stand up this morning?? Those things get

  2. I know!! I keep asking him if his back hurts but so far so good. He was very careful in how he lifted them, thank goodness!

  3. This is hard work, We can go up in the mountains and pick patio stones here with a permit. Wish you were closer. Are you making Micheal do all the hard work? If so send him my way.

  4. Jane Woffindale-MooreOctober 19, 2013 at 5:35 PM

    28 flagstones? Nah..I'd be on that dance floor with you...better for the back.
    Jane x

  5. Muscles Micheal and Dougie the dodge are earning their keep for sure!!!!

  6. way to go Michael! what a huge job. The move really is closing in now isn't it? I'll bet you're excited. We spent a year planning our move and it was somewhat exhilarating to get rid of everything knowing we were starting over.

  7. Yes, things I thought I would be attached to no longer have a hold on me. I'm happy to find new homes for most of our stuff!


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