Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Smile at Strangers

Well...not all of them, just the friendly looking ones! Not that's not true either, I pretty much smile at everyone - I want them to know I am harmless, that I'm friendly. Not that I want to strike up a conversation with everyone that passes by but that, if approached, I'm not going to bite anyone's head off. And I hope no one bites mine off either.

Michael put this T-shirt on before we left the Quality Inn in Edmunston, New Brunswick around 7am enroute to PEI. He approached a couple of people outside the hotel but they took one look at him and scurried off in the opposite direction casting suspicious glances over their shoulders. No, people at the Quality Inn do NOT smile at strangers, they just quickly get about their business and their look implies that you should be getting on your way too and never mind such nonsense.

(Digression: I have quite sincere doubts about Edmunston, N.B. after eating a recommended breakfast of runny eggs and tepid hashbrown potatoes that had recently seen the inside of a plastic bag.)

HOWEVER, I can happily report that once in PEI, Charlottetown to be exact, responses to Michael's T-shirt were beyond expectation! First we went into the local LCBO (I need my red wine - for my health, you understand) and the cashier enquired about it. She was a sweet little old lady, pink permed hair, you know the type. She didn't think the LCBO would allow her to have her picture taken with Michael but she pointed Michael out to her boss and several other people and thought it was quite a good idea.

Later as we strolled by the park where Regis and Kelly had taped their show earlier in the day Michael had no problem whatsoever finding people who were willing to be smiled at (I mean, Michael has a smile that lights up the world so really, who could take offense??) The two couples, pictured above with Michael, thought it was a great idea and readily agreed to pose for a snapshot.

And thus we were welcomed to Prince Edward Island....

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