Saturday, July 31, 2010

House #2 - near Montague, PEI

The second house we looked at was definitely at the top of my list. It was within walking distance of Panmure Island which has a beautiful beach - though a lot of jellyfish in the water the day we were there.

The landscaping at this house was really well done, and there was an old barn and a shed which while picturesque had no electricity. The house had character (a plus for me), nice wooden beams and hardwood floors but was much smaller than it appeared on the net. The kitchen was so small that the fridge was in the living area as shown by the photo above. That was NOT to my liking at all.

Other problems with this home - the basement was only accessible from outside and the first step was a doozy, about 3 feet down. With the electrical box in the basement, and using fuses rather than breakers, I really couldn't see myself managing that trip down into the depths very often. There was one bathroom on the main floor (needed some work) and two bedrooms upstairs, a master and one other that you got to by walking through the master. And what I thought was a wood stove turned out to be an oil stove connected to an outside oil tank. Wanting to heat only with wood this was a problem. Oh, and no closet space to speak of.

Also the property was arranged in a strange way - the field tiles for the septic system were on a neighbouring lot so we would have to buy both lots and wouldn't be able to build on the second lot or sever it unless we wanted to dig up the septic and change its location, nah - too much work and expense.

So while we loved the location of this home, its ample and beautiful property, the quaint barn and shed and the wood floors and beams in the house that just wasn't enough to compensate for the other issues.

We DID really like the town of Montague and ate dinner and surfed the net at an old converted bank building called Sir Isaac's Restaurant and Mr. Gabe's Pub. I had the fishcakes and they were incredibly tasty. And when we stopped at a garage about a weird noise our car was making they looked after us quickly and with NO CHARGE! Try getting that deal around here - not!

So to sum things up - we would definitely visit this side of the island again we wouldn't be putting an offer on this our second home.

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