Sunday, March 28, 2010

Woo Hoo - They gave me some of my own money back!

Well the days of getting a really HUGE tax refund (like I did last year) are over now that my wee little girl is 19. How is it that she is no longer a dependent?? She still lives at home, still goes to school, still works part-time, still drives my car, eats all my food even the stuff I hide, I still give her money every week towards tuition and still provide her with shelter, heat, electricity, cell phone and endless loads of laundry.

I still queasily pluck her long hair out of the bathtub drain, clean the sink each time she drops her mascara brush into it, wash same mascara out of the white hand towels she uses to wipe it off her face, collect dirty dishes from under her bed, repair her computer and buy her easter eggs!

The only thing that has changed is her age. And hey, it's only a number, right?? You're only as old as you feel? Well, I feel that's she's still only 13!

But I guess I shouldn't complain cause nobody likes a whiner. And I did get enough of my own money back (withOUT interest I might add) to pay for my yearly lot rental at my trailer park near Bayfield ($1686.00), and paid off my PC Mastercard ($81.76) and my Scotia Bank Visa ($730.00). I had about $60 bucks left and that was just enough to cover my small overdraft in my bank account.

So, I guess I got just the RIGHT amount. Enough. Now my only debt is my line of credit which is being reduced weekly by $205 (recently increased from $185 weekly) which will eliminate it in just over 4 years time. Can you say RETIREMENT Billy?

It's good to have just enough - not too little and not too much. If we could all have just enough then everyone (and I mean everyone) would be taken care of.

And that's what really counts!

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