Sunday, March 14, 2010


Each month I give $100.00 or more to charity. I don't have one charity that I support - I wait and see what happens during each month and something always captures my attention and my heart. For the past three months it has been Haiti.

I can't get that country and the people out of my mind even though news about Haiti has gradually left the front page of newspapers and migrated to the back page and then disappeared altogether. New disasters have taken its place but we can't forget Haiti, or at least I can't.

That's why when I heard that Canadian (Somali born) world music and rap artist K'naan had rewritten his hit song "Wavin' Flag" and gathered Canadian musicians (from Tom Cochrane to Justin Bieber) together to record it (all proceeds from buying the song or video on iTunes going directly to aid Haiti) I knew that I wanted to join the movement. It is a truly moving song - I have listened to it over and over and get shivers down my spine every time.

Already the song has reached the #1 spot on iTunes and the video is in second place (maybe first by now) and is reaching people all over the world. They have a facebook group "Young Artists for Haiti" and are also taking donations to support three charities: Free the Children, War Child Canada and World Vision.

So I found a place for my money this month and I bought the song, the video and joined the Facebook group. Have a listen to the song and watch the video - it may move you to give as well.

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