Monday, January 28, 2019

All is Well

My brochure said if I didn't hear back in seven to ten days I was to call my primary caregiver, so I did. I was told the results of my tests were good but I would have to have a yearly mammogram instead of every two years.

One of my sisters said I might want to look into thermograms instead of mammograms to reduce my exposure to radiation. Both procedures have their own substantial list of pros and cons so I find it all pretty confusing.

Do you have any knowledge about thermograms? I would appreciate any and all input.

Next up is Kazi's test on Feb 11. Hoping for good results for her as well.

We are finally having some wild and wooly winter weather - extreme cold thanks to the polar vortex and intense bands of snow due to an Alberta Clipper. Weather always comes from somewhere else! I don't really mind - the hard-working furnace is going to affect my heating bill but so far we haven't had a heat bill MORE THAN $57.00 so we're overdue And we've had maybe 8" of snow in total this year so I can't complain. I have a warm purring kitty on my lap and  at least two dozen books to read - I don't think the snow will last THAT long though :) I've also made a breakthrough in my genealogy research so that will keep me busy while the snow flies this afternoon.

I bought some groceries yesterday knowing the snow was coming and have no need to leave the house. Usually when I'm all prepared like this the storm will pass to the north or south of us...time will tell....
Last time I was at Kilally it was -7c which was crispy but beautiful!
Who is that little guy - the Pillsbury Doughboy? 

This tree may have toppled over since I was last there!

Geese huddling for warmth on a tiny wee island.

A perfect day!


  1. Might be chilly but definitely a good news day.

  2. So glad to hear your test results, hopefully Kazi is the same. Have no idea about the alternate to mammograms. I don't miss that bloody cold - with only 1 snow this year I feel pretty spoiled although there is a snowflake in the forecast for next week but it could easily change and hubby doesn't have to travel so if it snows there are two shovelers instead of just me like last time. We had 8 days of pure sunshine and 30-31 degrees in Mexico, super hot so are having a hard time getting used to our plus 7 weather (sounds warm but with the ocean and moisture in the air it isn't lol)

  3. That's wonderful news for you - and a yearly mammogram is no big deal really is it. I do it - better that than the alternative! And I'm sure Kazi will be good too, but it will be a relief to get it over won't it!

  4. What terrific news. I'll keep good thoughts for Kazi. I'm hunkered down from the cold as well.

  5. Our best science does suggest that mammograms raise the risk of breast cancer, especially in high risk women (and of course the more high risk we are the more mammograms we tend to have. one a year sounds not much but what about 40 in a lifetime?)
    Mammograms do not increase survival rates for breast cancer either so you might start to wonder if they serve any purpose at all.

    Thermography is well loved by the more alternative health community so I just tried to look at a couple of studies. My reading of scientific literature is not at all skilled but thermography is suggested as a reasonable initial screening test which can point to the people who need further investigation. A 2016 study suggested it is not yet adequate to replace mammograms (then again, if mammograms don't improve survival rates I'm not sure why they are held as the gold standard)

    I have probably muddied things and it might be better to do your own reading. You could start by googling "thermography studies"

    I send my very best vibes for health to both you and Kazi!


  6. Glad your report was aok. Hoping for Kazi's to be as well.
    It was -15F here a couple of days ago....that's -26.111C to you. ick.


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