Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Canada is Losing her Innocence

Just a brief post...

...in memory of the 10 people who were killed yesterday while enjoying the spring sunshine... innocently walking on busy Yonge St. in Toronto. We won't forget you.

...with healing thoughts for 15 people injured on Yonge St. yesterday when a deranged man deliberately drove a rented van down a very busy sidewalk tossing people to the right, left and centre. We pray for your recovery and for your families.

...with great pride for the police officer who didn't return violence with more violence. A peaceful take-down was managed in a frightful situation. Now the perpetrator will have to face his crimes in court and the heavy punishment that will come with them.

...with sadness, for our loss of innocence, some might say naivety. Unfortunately no one is exempt from these "attacks by vehicle".  This is not a gun crime. But it was definitely EVIL.

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