Friday, January 12, 2018


Nope, not a typo in my title. I'm combining "whether" and "weather" into one word to describe my day right now. Whether or not I go out depends on the weather. Clever eh?

On Wednesday the weather was perfect so I went for a nice slog through Kilally Meadows.

Some trails hadn't seen human feet for awhile.
A pristine trail unsullied by human or beastie.

Whereas I was able to follow some deer prints on others...just me and the deer!
No I never caught up to the deer, darn it.

And then there was this area where mine were the only prints and snow was up above my knees! That's my walking stick at the bottom of the picture - I wouldn't have gotten so far without it. I should invest in some snowshoes though, it was tough going.
The sky was interesting...

So far the bridge hasn't been flooded but it will soon!

Enjoying the day...

Two days later and most of the snow is gone. It's been raining pretty steadily and I think I missed the "window" of time to decide whether I should go out. Everything now is coated in freezing rain as we are headed into the deep freeze once again. I might just have to miss volleyball tonight as all standing water is going to be totally frozen. So far today we've had rain, freezing rain, ice pellets to be followed later by snow. Right now nothing is falling but I can see that the cedar trees behind my house are covered in ice.

I have two errand to do but wheather or not I should go out is the question. Just how slippery are the roads I wonder....

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