Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year!

It remains to be seen whether it will be a HAPPY year or not!

Though being the eternal optimist that I am it can't be anything BUT!

I don't usually make resolutions as studies show most resolutions fall by the wayside after 2-3 weeks.

So...I'll just say this:

  • I hope to be somewhat more productive next year but if I'm not that's ok too.
  • I will take a couple of trips but details are not clear yet - Scotland for sure, possibly B.C. again though different spots, & PEI would be nice so I'll be squeezing those pennies again.
  • I ended December with $500 in my snowflake box. I call that AWESOME!
  • it sucks that I won't know my net income until the end of January. Increased bills will kick-in throughout the month of January so I feel like my pay is always a month behind. Fingers are crossed that the pension increase will cover my increased bills. 
  • My condo fee is going up by $9 a month; that's the only increase I know of for now but have heard rumblings that City Council will be increasing our property taxes this year for sure. 
  • January is an expensive month: dentist, eye app't (want new glasses), newspaper renewal so I'm glad I don't have to pay property taxes this month being on a 10 month payment plan. New glasses will be costly so my snowflake box may take a hit. Better the box than my savings account!
  • I ended up the year with $95 left in my chequing account so that will go in the box and help defray January expenses. 
  • Thrilled that I had money left over after Christmas and New Year celebrations. Usually I go over budget. I've thought of a couple more ways to save $$ at Christmas and will share those on another post.
And now I must adjourn to the sofa as two kitties and a big fat book and a cup of chocolate chia tea await! 

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