Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weather or Not

The weather is the big news around here this week and continuing throughout the weekend. A big rain "event" is beginning today with London in the middle of it. And even worse the threat of snow on Sunday as we endure the most significant cold "event" in May in recent history.

Sounds like a ton of fun! (Unread books on hand? Yup!) (Endless episodes of Shameless ready to watch on Netflix? Yup! And I'm NOT ashamed :)

Let me check my weather network (what I can see through my patio doors).....and yes....the rain has begun!

The only day we haven't had rain was yesterday so I took myself to Kilally Meadows...of course :) and what a glorious day it was. Though the river has overflowed its banks in several places from the last large rain "event". That's the term they're using these days on the Weather Network - it almost sounds like entertainment, and I suppose in a way it is. It's got me talking!

In the midst of the minor flooding photos I thought I'd include my favourite shot from yesterday - Mr. Osprey just dropped off a fish to Mrs. Osprey - it was a lucky shot - I had just focussed on the nest when he flew up into the air and off to search for more fish. Jeez, his wife sure eats a lot!

The river is off to the right below with some flooding submerging the trail here and there.

 This pond, caused by previous flooding, is about to become much bigger, perhaps a nice place for kayak practise?

 Some enterprising hiker gathered a few logs to use to get from one side of a new tributary to the other - thank you kind sir! or madam!

I enjoyed my day outside very much and am now prepared to spend the next couple of days inside. Spring weather has been rather whacko with shorts weather in February and snow predicted in May. At least there's always a topic to talk about with total strangers!

Oh, and here's why slo-pitch is a bit SLO to start!!

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