Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Up Up and Away!

Just moments ago I "checked in" with my local airport to receive my boarding pass via text. I am also signed up to receive "flight notifications" in case of a delay or cancellation - this has been a huge problem lately with feeder airport flights heading to Toronto as the domestic flight part of Pearson airport is undergoing construction. However, now that I have officially checked in and have received NO notifications I am feeling quite confident that at this time tomorrow I will have arrived in Toronto (safely) and have connected with the flight that will take me to Vancouver.  I know there are hundreds of other things I can do with my phone that I don't currently do yet I somehow feel very tech savvy at the moment. (That won't last)
Straight out of the 1960s.

My daughter has also convinced me to download the  Uber App to get a ride to and from the airport as both flights occur while she is sleeping/working. As someone who takes a taxi about once a year I haven't really gotten into the debate between Uber and taxis. Kazi has used Uber frequently and has been very impressed with their service. But then she's 26. Like how I can casually toss terms around like Uber and App? Aren't you impressed?

I will be impressed if I can find one available tomorrow at 4:30am. 😁

I like the fact that payment occurs through my Paypal account so don't need to use cash or credit card.

My itinerary is jam-packed as is my suitcase. My carry-on suitcase is actually quite roomy and I'm taking a day-pack as I plan to do a lot of hiking and walking about. No purse, just my wallet. Kazi rented a car for me once I arrive in Vancouver so I can explore to my heart's content. My ferry (fairy?) across to the big island is booked for 1pm arriving at the Swartz Bay terminal at 2:30. I should arrive at my AirBnb around 3pm (ish). And then it's time to explore the city and find some food.

Should be called BC Fairies don't you think?

I better get busy and charge all of my camera batteries!!

See you on the other side! (of the country!) Oh, and the best thing...

...I'm bringing the sunshine!!

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