Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Money Madness

My budget would be in great shape IF it were the middle, or even better the last week of May! There is blame to be shared and the #1 culprit is SPRING!! 
I have a fever.....spring fever!!
Over the past week I have made several trips to Home Depot for these...
3 geraniums for the patio

My sister found this stand while thrifting and I have filled it with flowers!

I have always had a thing for yellow begonias!

I needed to replace a spruce tree that died over the winter. This
one looks good and healthy!

I didn't have to buy these - but they are in bloom so
just had to share.

Just love pansies so got a planter full for my
iron "garden chair".
There were other things I needed - instead of buying a new crappy hose every year I invested in a good one.  And I thought a couple of outside pillows would spruce up my love seat. And they were on sale :) at Jysk.
So I have somewhat overspent (let's not forget all the wine and extra wine and food we needed as Kazi's boyfriend was visiting from Detroit)!!
Mother's Day was lovely - I got to relax and enjoy the...
Thanks Kazi and John!

while the kids cooked me up some...
...pancakes with dark chocolate bits and blueberries and strawberries...and MIMOSAS!!

It was a really nice, sunny day so I had a nice wander in the woods and then I LAID on the couch and read my book before having a nice dinner of greek salad and chicken and pumpernickel bread and spinach dip!!

Then we all needed to...


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