Monday, October 12, 2015

On the Road Again!

I'm off to PEI to see my sister! And today my brother asked if he could come too! That should be interesting. He's often talked about taking a road trip with all of our siblings but we haven't been brave enough to try it out yet. So we'll try just the two of us and see how that goes....(he's quite a talker! I could probably put in my ear plugs and he'd never know the difference!...haha just kidding...sorta...)

 Last year, when I sold my lovely Crofter's Lane I had to get rid of so much stuff!! I made several trips to drop things off at the Salvation Army store in Summerside. And I made one trip to my sister's place and stored some stuff in one of her barns. The rest I stuffed into Dougie and brought it home last August.

This past winter some wee mice made a home in a blanket or two over the winter (glad I could help out a few little rodents) so I need to get out there and retrieve the rest. I was supposed to go in June but had some back issues.  Now that I am managing the pain much better it's time to hit the road!

I'm taking Dougie the Dodge on it's last trip east; in the photo below I'm in New Brunswick. I'll probably keep Dougie for a while longer as he's been such a good boy for me. Other than oil changes I haven't had to spend anything for repairs. But the time will eventually come for me to get something smaller and more economical on gas. Fortunately, for me, gas is quite low right now so it's a good time to travel. Plus my bro will help pay for gas too! Win win!

It's likely a good thing that he's coming with me as the temptation is there to go see my old house and take a painful walk down memory lane. Don't need to do that!

So, my friends,  I likely won't be posting over the next week. By the time I get home Canada should have a new, and I mean NEW, prime minister!! Should be an exciting election - and yes, I voted already in an advance poll, just in case I didn't make it home in time.

Talk to you soon!!

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