Monday, October 26, 2015

Hiking Day One: Newcastle to Heddon on the Wall (25 or so kms)

The order of the photos is a bit out of whack due to uploading photos from my iPhone and my camera but that just makes the day that much more least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
Here's Annie and I waiting at the station early on Day 1. We have to get to Wallsend where our journey across England begins.  We both look like we could use a few more hours of sleep!'s dinner....see what I mean about the order? Fish and chips, of course, but thankfully the peas weren't mushy :)

Heddon on the Wall is the location of the first remnants of Hadrian's Wall.  See Annie in her blue coat way down there?

Back to the beginning again...Annie and I at the very beginning of Hadrian's Way. It rained and rained and rained.

My one and only (you're welcome) boat and reflection photo - but it's a good one!

An interesting roof top vignette - a cat trying to catch a seagull!

We had a loooong walk beside the River Tyne as we travelled from one end of Newcastle to the other end and out into the countryside.

We took a little side trip to take a few photos of a Norman castle which gave "Newcastle" its name.

Old as the hills!

One of the many great things about Annie is her ability to spot a good hot cuppa just when one was dearly needed.  We were a little (a lot) soggy at this point, especially me so we fortified ourselves for the next leg of our journey.

My raincoat and rainpants repelled the rain but the impermeable material caused another problem - SEVERE SWEATING!! You may be able to notice that my shoulders and front (and back) of my green shirt are completely soaked. Not from rain but from sweat. My pants were equally soaked. It's a wonder I was smiling!

One of the more elaborate signposts we saw along the way.

The roses enjoyed the rain :)

Now, this is more like it!

Follow the acorn! Only 1.5 miles to Heddon on the Wall.

Thankfully the rain let up later in the day...

 Though the sky still threatened...

Some of the unusual flowers in the Memorial Garden near the pub where we dried out a bit.

A couple more shots from the wall...

Yes, we touched the wall, leaned on the wall, sat on the wall, sheltered by the wall to eat our lunch one day and walked on a short portion of the wall!

Heddon on the Wall...

Selfie opportunity!

Such a cute face! A koala sheep?

Also came across a few sturdy horses on our way to our first B&B...

Walking through some misty fields...

 A magical entrance to our B&B...

Rejoicing in Heddon - it stopped raining...

And here we are at Ironsign Farm! We did it! Our first 25kms!

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