Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Health Care Part Two

It is obvious to me that healthcare (wherever you may live) is a HOT topic. I hate seeing vulnerable people (veterans, the elderly, the poor) lose services that are so important to them. If I can delve into this topic more deeply, I will. I don't mind debate, I encourage it, just don't say things that are hurtful.

I'm off to a friend's house but I will continue with this at another time.


sluggy said...

I meant to wish you a Happy 1st Retirement Day a couple of days ago. Has it really been a year since you retired??

grapes said...

Looks like everyone is on hiatus or in a state of flux. It's the ides of July, right? (I know it isn't the ides; I just felt like saying that.) I've moved without really leaving a forwarding address; come on over - it's still me - same stuff, different place. I guarantee you nothing will change except possibly being easier to navigate. See you on the other side!

grapes said...

Oh - as for the address... I mailed it to you.