Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time for a Quickie!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!! Thunder and lightning and Michael's outside at the BBQ!! Whereas I am safely tucked up inside :)  Oh man, there goes the first siren - a fire truck I think! We just got back from a bike ride - it was HOT HOT HOT today so we got the bikes out and hit the nearest trail. At the other end we stopped for about 15 minutes and watched some kids playing soccer. Brought memories back for Michael as he coached his son in soccer, whereas I watched my daughter do pirouettes and pick daisies whilst on the soccer field. Yes, soccer just wasn't her thing. "Oh mommy, look...there's a butterfly!!"

So she became a dancer instead and it all worked out fine.

Ooooooh the wind is really picking up and yikes...what a flash of lightning!!  Is it ok to be using your computer during a thunderstorm? When I was a kid there was a long list of things your weren't supposed to do during a thunderstorm according to my mother:

  • stand near a window
  • sit out on the porch even though it had a roof
  • take a bath (that lightning could travel right up the water pipe and getcha!)
  • sit on the toilet (same rationale)
  • have the TV or radio on or even leave them plugged in
  • use the telephone
  • play outside...duh...especially not in the puddles! 
I always thought she was making this stuff up until one time when Kazi was a kid our condo unit (4 condos in a row) got struck by lightning at the furthest end from ours thank goodness. We lost our phones and had to replace our cable box so I guess there was some truth in my mother's warnings. There was no fire but there was a black scorch mark on the second story of the last unit.

Ok, gotta go - dinner is served. We are eating stylishly late this's 9:15pm for goodness sake!
Have a good evening and remember - TGIF!! 


the444 said...

You know what we've had here?  Thunder at 5 AM, like, before the sun is up, when everyone is sleeping.  Rain, storms, and loud thunder.  It woke up the little junior missy, of course. 

So I said yesterday, "How often does that happen?  Almost never.  So it won't happen again anytime soon."  And then, same time, same place, next day (night), solidly before anyone was ready to be awake, the same thing happened AGAIN.


Jane @The maple Syrup Mob said...

Raining , windy, thunder and lightning, trees swishing, and PLIP PLOP, PLIP PLOP....the roof is leaking. Chris is talking about ripping stuff out to find the leak. I think I'll curl in a ball and sleep!
Jane x
Oh, that rhymed!

Susanna said...

wish it'd rain here - last year we had a bad drought and wildfires all over the state :-( now it either rains so hard it's too much or doesn't rain at all. I need to do some weeding in my 'garden' and clean some more and cook for next week  only get Thurs off and part of Wed.
what kind of grill do ya'll have - gas or charcoal? I'm debating getting a grill - I have a little charcoal one but boy can't be hungry when you start it 'cause it takes forever to get ready!

The Borrower said...

I love storms and we barely got touched yesterday.  It was a beautiful warm day, that I missed most of thanks to exams in my future. I think you best bring Michael in during these types of storms, not worth the risk of loss. :)  I don't care how hungry you are.

kim said...

We lost our refrigerator and pond pump a couple of years ago do to lightening.

Judi said...

Our dog Moseby didn't know what to do with himself last night...poor guy was pacing up and down the hall.

I am very familiar with all those rules.  My step-mother wouldn't let us do any of them during a thunderstorm.  She did come by her fear honestly...her mother-in-law (first husband) died from being struck by lightening, so she was afraid of it.

Jharrison56 said...

My dog always hid under my parents bed during thunderstorms...and when kids were letting off firecrackers...other than that she was a very brave doggie :) !

Jharrison56 said...

this is interesting - everyone has a lightning story!

Jharrison56 said...

LOL! Not my idea that he was out there cooking...when a man wants meat he'll do just about anything. I would have been happy with just salad...honest!

Jharrison56 said...

Ours is propane. It's fairly small with legs that fold so we can take it with us for a picnic etc. Just takes those small canisters. We start BBQing as soon as the snow has melted enough that we can get to it! I appreciate having no pots and pans to clean!

Jharrison56 said...

Hope he finds the leak soon!  That's no fun - well curling up in a ball and sleeping is fun, fixing the roof not so much! Is Chris a handy sort of man??

Jharrison56 said...

For some reason I like being woken up by a storm - better than sleeping through a tornado I guess!  I could stay awake all night listening to the wind and the rain etc. The best was when we had the trailer because the sound on the metal roof was amplified - I find it very soothing. Unless it gets too rambunctious!