Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stress-free Christmas

Today in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

The Christmas shopping has begun in earnest, but not by me! I can't remember ever having such a stress-free Christmas. I have a list and it is short. I know where I am going and I know what I am buying. Once or twice I was tempted to veer off-course but after reprimanding myself (gently) I got back on track.

My lovely nineteen year old daughter emailed me her Christmas list along with pictures and links. What a dear. (She knows what she wants and knows how to get it - but not from me!) Tee hee! She said - "it's a long list but you can choose from the list so I can be surprised!" Well, surprise! I cut the list in half and then half again:) I am reigning in the shopping and not buying one thing on credit whilst still paying myself FIRST! I got her a few things that she wanted - like the leather belt from American Eagle in hopes that she'll stop borrowing it's the kind of gift that gives and gives. She's getting an iTunes card so that when she purchases music the fee doesn't go onto MY credit card. Oh, I'm a thinker!!

As for the rest of the family I made a donation to the World Food Programme and asked them not to buy ME anything. We are putting the emphasis on spending time together rather than on buying more stuff that we don't need. My daughter and I are going to Toronto for a weekend to see The Sound of Music, and to the AGO to see the King Tut exhibition and are going out to a nice restaurant and staying at a posh hotel all at a very reasonable price thanks to a Mirvish package deal.

My partner and I like to spend time at Chapter's so our gift to ourselves is to go there, hang out at Starbucks and purchase a few books. Inexpensive and fun. I love sitting with my laptop and a soy decaf latte watching everyone scurry and hurry around looking for that nonexistent perfect gift. It's like living in a huge library that allows you to eat and drink, browse through their books, have free internet access and you don't have to whisper! Sounds like a perfect day to me!

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