Friday, October 16, 2009

The Times They are a Changing!

Took this photo last weekend which was Thanksgiving here in Canada. We were driving to Bayfield for one last weekend of trailer living but man was it cold! Our campfire was more functional than aesthetic and I gave thought to early man and his discovery of fire. My gratitude for its heat had to have been on par with that of the neanderthal!

In Canada autumn is a time for giving thanks for an ample harvest and for taking drives into the countryside to view the changing colours of the trees. AND it's the time that most of us turn on our furnaces and start to cocoon! And its time to start getting used to higher utility bills not to mention maintenance calls on faulty furnaces like mine:(

I turned my furnace on last Monday. We had an unseasonably wet/cool summer and I had hoped for a long mild fall to make up for it but alas, it wasn't to be. When we drove back from the trailer Monday it was all of 3Celsius and our house had cooled down to 16C. So I forced myself to turn on the furnace and it took several hours for the house to warm up to 21C so I knew something wasn't quite right. (I have a gift for the obvious!) And, oh yes, there was SNOW on my car this morning - I damn near fainted - it's only October 16th, and two months until the REAL WINTER starts! CRAP!!

So after a visit from our local furnace guy they are now looking for a part for the furnace that will hopefully help it to churn out some quality heat. But being the weekend now they won't get serious about the search until Monday. Can't wait to see that bill when it comes. Once their feet cross your threshold you owe them about $95.00. To actually go down to the basement and turn on the light in the furnace room - $250.00. To take a tool out of their kit - $500.00. To make a correct diagnosis - PRICELESS!

To be continued.....(unless I have to hock my laptop to pay the bill!).....

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Suzy said...

wow you HAVE been busy! Your posts almost always mimic what I'm thinking or express what I'm feeling. I've been wanting to find a purpose in my life..something to put my energy into. I have certain areas that seem to 'call' to me more than others but just haven't found exactly what yet. Looks like you've REALLY been busy(even have a partner now!!) and a new purpose. Glad you could make a difference to those children!