Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Person's Trash

Major clean sweep going on over here - organizing, tossing and selling. Took in my VHS movies and some record albums to see what we could get for them and was surprised that the albums garnered more cash than the movies. Then I read today that vinyl is making a comeback - that people are now discovering that the best way to listen to music is on a turntable.


First I purchased every Beatles and Doors record ever made - some on 45's, most as LPs. Then I repurchased or recorded them onto cassette tapes - spent hours and hours doing this. Then suddenly those suck and they're coming out on CDs (and you couldn't record them onto blank CDs from cassettes back then, man I'm old!)

Woops - forgot the wonderful suitcase-sized 8 tracks. The first car I bought had an 8 track player in it, but it didn't work very well. Every time I hit a bump or ran over a leaf it would go skippity skippity skip. And you could only store so many in your car - like about 3.

I am NOT going back to playing records again! Somehow that magical time of crackling static and repeating lyrics "so long....so long.....so long....so.." arghhhhhhhhhhh! is not bringing back the good memories for me, sorry. Now that I can put my entire music collection on something the size of an index card and take it with me everywhere there ain't NO turning back for this rocker chick!

But I digress - the point of my post is I now have $$ in my wallet for the second week in a row which means no withdrawals of cash from my bank account which means some extra savings at the end of the month which means more $$ going into a savings account which means I am getting closer to my retirement goals! Whew!

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