Friday, June 17, 2016

Foto Friday and Dougie the Dodge

First let's look back at one year ago today...

Sorry I didn't rotate this photo (if you get a kink in your neck you could try out this nifty product!!) ....I think she better be careful her head doesn't pop off! Just one more squeeze....!!!

 Nothing new here, Luna trying to use my phone, drink my tea and generally take my spot on the couch! Whenever I get up she moves right in.

 The beer/manly festival is going on again this weekend in celebration of Father's Day. Last year I sampled the wings...

 ...and washed them down with a cool beverage :)

All must bow down to the giant can of Labatts Blue!

 Troy and I managed to get a table in the VIP lounge!

A great spot for checking out the hunky men!

 Did I really think this guy was red hott with 2 "t"s last year? I suppose after enough beers...

Now THIS guy I remember! Cute in a greasy hairy kind of way :)

 Luna decided that if she couldn't use my phone or drink my tea she might as well be recycled - perhaps she can find a nicer family...

 And now to today's photo (new feature, aren't I clever?)...

Dougie the Dodge with his new paint job!!

 Apparently someone thinks I'm a "goof"! Or Dougie's a goof...I'm never really clear on the target of vandalism. I'm just glad they didn't think I'm a "diddler" like my neighbour a few doors down! Way more letters to clean off!

My wonderful neighbour had read that WD-40 takes spray paint off of vehicles and it worked like a charm. So there you go - my tip for the week! I guess it wasn't meant to be funny but honestly I've been giggling all day. "Goof" is just such a funny word!

Happy happy weekend!!


  1. what an odd thing to spray paint on a ssomeone's vehicle-both words. I'll remember the WD trick.

  2. I believe the word spray painted on your car means there same thing written on Your neighbours. If you google it you will see it is prison slang. The word goof isn't silly or innocent. I wonder if there is someone in your neighborhood that is being targeted and they just don't know which car is his??? Report it and be safe. It's another word for hold molerter.

  3. Not hold molerter. Child molester. Auto correct sorry! But seriously look it up. I think someone is trying to earn your neighborhood.


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