Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Day

If only I lived there!! In an idealistic painting with faulty electricity! Instead we're dealing with rain and mud, maybe even a thunderstorm! And it's +9c!! I just checked the forecast for the next few days and not once does the temp dip below 0c. Unbelievable!

Therefore, there's only one thing I can do!

DANCE in the kitchen with hot chocolate and Bailey's!

HAH! You thought I was going to say "sit outside on the patio and drink a cold beer" didn't you?? And I would have, just for the sake of this blog, if everything wasn't stinking wet and covered in mouldy old leaves!! So...the kitchen it is! (I'll have a beer later when we're watching National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation!" Chevy Chase and beer just go together don't you think?

Thanks for the hot chocolate Michelle!! Kazi added a spoonful to her coffee and Baileys this morning and thought it was delicious!!

Oh, and snacks!! Dancing, hot chocolate, Baileys and snacks!! Pumpkin tarts, peanut butter balls and lemon cheesecake squares...well, the squares were there a minute ago, I swear!!

Don't worry, I already ate my vegetables...

...a whole bowl full! Homemade ratatouille is a Christmas Eve tradition - trying to balance out all the sugar, fat and carbs! Hah - in my dreams!!

Finally....Christmas Eve wouldn't be complete without.....Santa?.....hanging stockings with care?.....last minute shopping?  

Keeping their eye on my case of beer outside on the patio! Good girls!

Somebody needs to lose weight!

Peace on Earth
Merry Christmas everyone! See y'all soon!


  1. Merry Christmas Jane!

  2. Such cute kitties :-) Happy Christmas Eve.

  3. Happy Christmas Jane!
    It seems like the party is in your kitchen tonite!

  4. Merry Christmas, Jane! Love the pics of the kittens! And you, of course!

  5. Merry Christmas Jane! Hope it was a good one!


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