Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Assembly Required

So I went to Tepperman's today to purchase a new desk and book shelves. Told the man who was "helping" me (HAH - I had to go tap him on the arm which sorta startled him to see if he was on or off duty) that I wanted the furniture assembled. Well after a good snort he let me know in no uncertain terms that it doesn't come assembled. I either assemble it myself (no thank you) or he can give me the name of someone who will assemble the furniture at $30 per hour!! OMG!! (NO THANK YOU!)

So I left the premises with no furniture. Apparently furniture only comes assembled if it's the really super expensive "real wood" kind of stuff not the stuff made of laminate. I looked at the TWO, yes TWO real wood desks they had in their massive warehouse and said..."no thanks". They were twice as expensive, twice as small and had zero storage. What a scam!

Rats. So now I don't know what to do. I went to MEC (Mountain Equipment Company) instead and spent my money there on a "monsoon" Goretex coat (half price) because you know how bad the monsoons are in SW England, walking poles, special socks that are supposed to prevent blisters from forming from wearing hiking boots daily, gel blister bandaids because I don't trust the socks' claims, a pair of shorts, and 2 pairs of capris (one pair of capris are actual "pant length" on little ol' me") and assorted other items - oh a backpack rainproof cover, spray to make my boots waterproof and I think that's it.

That made me feel better temporarily until I got home and saw all the boxes of books and desk supplies and nowhere to put them!! Poo, now I'm bummed out again. My choices are - buy the pieces I want and hire someone to put them together, spend a day or two trying to put them together myself, or spend oodles of money on the REAL stuff which doesn't suit my needs nearly as well.  Hmmmm...I need more and better options as none of these are suiting me just now.

I'm just gonna drink wine.


  1. Why don't you commission Gordon to make you a desk?

  2. All that gear for the UK? You're going to look so posh!!
    Jane x

  3. Maybe a thrift shop or on line...won't be brand new but will be put together and most probably a little cheaper :)

  4. Have you checked Ikea, they have some pretty decent stuff and it's easy to assemble.

  5. I would probably think about looking at thrift shops and if you couldn't find anything, have fun assembling your desk. What about your daughter's bf? Maybe he could do it.

  6. Hello Jane,

    Greetings from The Island. I've only had time to take a quick look around, seems like you've had a bumpy ride. It's nice to see you moving forward considering how your life took an unexpected turn. As a young lad of 32 I'm in the the process of figuring out where I want to go. A part of me wants to keep planning and planning but at some point I know I'll just have to pull the trigger and let things go as they may. After all life has the tendency to throw in the unexpected. :)

  7. I bought a desk a few years ago from Office Depot and the store gave me the name of a guy who I could hire to assemble it. Worth. Every. Penny. There were a million directions and stuff like that gives me a headache.


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