Friday, April 22, 2011


So far I am REALLY enjoying my long weekend. Although it's just barely started I have had a nice coffee date with my brother Gord and his wife Pat, and Michael. Pat was recently hospitalized for almost 3 weeks due to bronchial pneumonia so it was wonderful to see her looking healthy again! Lots of laughs!
Me in the morning except of course I have no need for curlers!!
 The sun is finally peeking out now. Earlier I thought I saw a snowflake but it must have been my imagination !?!  Michael and I are going for a hike this afternoon followed by computer/coffee/PEI Blue Book time at Starbucks.(Our PEI Blue book contains all of our needed info about PEI, a list of things we want to do each summer, places we want to visit on our drives out, etc etc) 

Tonight we're visiting a friend and then heading to the movies. We're going to see "Of Gods and Men", about Christian monks having a difficult time living in a violent Islamic society in Algeria. Seems appropriate for Good Friday. We have a theatre in London, the Hyland, that shows less mainstream movies and we LOVE it. We have memberships so it's only $6.00/person. They also have the BEST popcorn :)
Tomorrow I am getting together with my nephews again and we're having dinner at Jambalaya - my FAVE place to eat! Michael is working so he'll be serving us (ha! just like home!) This will be followed by drinks, dancing perhaps? 

Sunday will be dinner with my artist brother Kim. I can't remember him ever cooking me a meal before so it should be interesting! I also have Monday off so leaving that unplanned for now. Due to the cold weather it's not likely that we'll get to the trailer but you never know.

Hope your Easter plans unfold in  a loving family atmosphere filled with laughter, joy and sunshine!!


  1. Happy Easter to you! Sounds like you have a fun filled weekend ahead of you. Enjoy :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Jane!! :) You'll have to tell us what your brother ends up cooking up for you! :)

  3. Thought I would just hop over to wish you a VERY Happy Easter! Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Poor Michael having to work and serve you guys. Let him know I feel for him.

    Enjoy your family time. I need to get back to my paper on Page 3 only 2 more to go! Yay! Then I can focus on the Holiday celebrations and family time too!

  4. I think you have a bunny fetish.
    Just saying.
    Happy Easter!
    Your Friend, m.

  5. Have a great weekend!! Sounds like you have fun stuff you have planned :-)

  6. Have fun this weekend Jane! That's one big bunny!!

  7. Happy Easter sunshine!!!! Be safe & have fun! :)

  8. Sounds like you have a very busy and fun weekend planned. Enjoy your time off!


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