Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Long and Winding Road of Debt

When one (me) buys a new home when one (me) already owns a home and a trailer certain sacrifices must be made in order to:
a) remain solvent
b) not go broke
c) not declare bankruptcy
d) all of the above

Therefore, in keeping with the theme of frugality enforced upon me (by me) I am declaring September 2010 to September 2011 to be:
THE YEAR I DIDN'T BUY ANY CLOTHING and perhaps the year I explore fully the use of colons and lists while posting.

Included in this "clothing ban" will be:
a) shoes and boots
b) purses, belts, jewelry and other accessories
c) socks, gloves

Allowed items will be:
a) underwear (they don't make 'em like they used to and what if I'm in an accident??
b) clothing borrowed from my stylish, rich daughter (payback time!)
c) gifts (Christmas is coming after all)

So I hereby pledge my troth - me and my money will not be parted - for better or worse...


  1. it is amazing how long clothing lasts. (reports indicate that the elastic in mens' underwear is good for 450 years) and if you think jeans, t-shirts, accessories and certain relatives look better with age then you should have no trouble reaching your goal.


  2. Great goals and think of all the money you will save.
    The more you save the more you can think of all the wonderful things you can do with your new house.
    Love the potato field shot from your porch or deck.

  3. "certain relatives"? You must be referring to Anna & Ella tee hee!
    I find that I only wear a fraction of my clothing so I plan to root around in the back of my closet and set up the ironing board. Things I haven't worn for years surely must be back in style now - and if not - perhaps I can start a new high-waisted jeans with tube top and mukluks...yuck yuck!

  4. Hi Witch! Actually those are soybeans but will be potatoes next year and we've been told to help ourselves:)
    Yes, and it's so much easier to make a sacrifice when it's for such a great personal goal. I am seeing a screened in gazebo in the middle of our forest:):)

  5. How about wigs,would be nice to see you with long hair.

  6. HI, I followed you here from Canoe Corner. Congrats on purchasing your summer/retirement house in PEI. I know how you feel, we purchased a weekend/forever home in Owen Sound while living in Toronto. Weekends are a blur, after the drive, there is always so much to do,(cutting the lawn takes 3 hours), before the drive back. But one day, there will be no drive back....

  7. Hi Deborah! Thanks for stopping by. I too am waiting for the day when there will be no drive back. That will happen in exactly 1369 days...but who's counting;)
    Unfortunately the drive there takes 20 hours (straight driving) so weekends are out for us, but looking forward to spending summer there next year.


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