2014: Accomplishments

I thought it might be a useful thing to have a page dedicated to accomplishments in 2014. On those days when I feel mopey and down in the dumps reading and probably re-reading what I managed to achieve over the course of a very difficult year could perk me up a little. I don't know really but thought it might be worth a try. When I browse sites dedicated to building self-esteem/confidence it's an activity frequently promoted: make a list of what you're good at etc.  So this isn't exactly that so much as things I got done in the face of depression and anxiety after a horrible breakup. It has to be better to focus on the positive right? Reminds me of a song...

So...in no particular order here's what I accomplished in 2014:

  • I kicked my drug habit: hee hee hee it's not quite as bad as it sounds though detoxing from amitriptyline was compared to withdrawal from heroin. It wasn't pretty that's for sure and if you want to read more about it go HERE.  I'm just SO HAPPY that the only drugs I take now are the occasional Tylenol or Ibuprofin for pain relief. VERY proud of myself for this accomplishment!!
  • As of today I have been retired for 188 days!! Woo hoo! After 22 years of teaching I was able to put down my chalk, clear out my desk and say many sad goodbyes to students and staff at multiple parties and dinners. I feel proud of what I accomplished with students over the past 22 years while teaching Visual Arts, Basic English and Math and Writing at the Centre for Lifelong Learning and then Special Education at CCH.  The last few years were very difficult due to many reasons but I survived and now I hope to thrive!
  • I joined a hiking club for exercise and social contact. I have made a good friend and hope to make many more. I have gotten sweaty and muddy and wet and cold and have enjoyed every minute of it. I've taken many beautiful photos and many silly photos :) and have rediscovered my love of nature. 
  • I rode my bike to school and back for the past two years, weather permitting. What absolute joy I find in riding my bike! 

  • In September/October I found my way to Iceland, England and walked through the Cotswolds to 8 different villages following a map! And I only got slightly lost twice (maybe three) times!! It was absolutely thrilling and I'm dying to go back and walk some more!! I am definitely a "walker" (not to be confused with "The Walking Dead!!" (Although I am addicted to the show!") 
  • I continued on my own with the redecorating of my condo. I had to make a very difficult decision in giving up Crofters Lane in PEI - the most difficult moments of the year. But I managed to sell the house back to the previous owner (at a loss). I'm very proud that I was able to finish the transaction before heading back to my home in London. It won't be an easy place to re-sell with its half mile long laneway and many renos still needing to be done. I'm thankful I no longer have to pay double property taxes, a mortgage, double hydro bills, double internet and double house insurance now that I am living on a pension.  In my London condo the kitchen has been redecorated, the entire condo has new flooring, the living room and dining room, powder room and hallway have been repainted. AND the basement TV room is complete with new flooring, new furniture and new paint. The reading nook is complete and all that is left to do is paint the laundry room and fix it up a bit. More projects are planned for 2015!
  • Finally we added two new fabulous members to our family - Luna and Lily :) 

I think that about sums it up. If I think of anything else I will add it throughout the year!! I have reason to be proud and happy for what I accomplished in 2014. 

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  1. I love this page! such a good idea to log these accomplishments, especially biking :) made me happy to read. We are blogging away our crazy amount of debt -- this was a nice uplift


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