Sunday, July 28, 2019

I Love my Deck! Now if it Would only STOP raining!

I'm a little naive when it comes to building projects - I had no idea cement would be involved in the making of my new deck. 
I also didn't realize that my old cement steps in front of my patio doors would get
broken into a bunch of pieces and tossed away. But I am just fine with that. Over
the years many animal families (skunks, chipmunks, raccoons!) have lived in the hollow
area behind the cement steps. I'm not  going to miss them!

 Wasn't he a tidy worker? After each step of construction he would clear up the
area he'd been working in. Of course it was not a very big area so I suppose
he had to clear up to make room.

He thought my plan of maximizing the space made sense so he worked around the A/C but every other square inch went to the deck.  The floor was raised by 8" so that the deck would meet the bottom of the fence. And a lot of old materials - flagstones, smaller bits of broken up concrete, stones and rocks were buried beneath the deck.

Et voila! It's wonderful! 

 I need to take more photos as I've bought a couple other chairs, a new lantern, new table cloth
etc. As it's currently sprinkling that won't be today...but soon.

Some of you may recognize my hanging chair - I had it at my trailer hanging from a tree and also
in PEI on a tree. I hung onto it in the hopes of using it again someday - and found out a month
or two ago that there are stands you can buy to hang the chair from! 
So happy!
It's now my favourite reading spot :) 
Doesn't it look great?

We've had a LOT of WEATHER lately, if you know what I mean...pretty much everything
you can think of except for snow...and that wouldn't surprise me much. Even tornado warnings.
It's been very unsettled with lots of events being cancelled unfortunately. 
I haven't been hiking around Fanshawe Lake as much - just once this week - instead I've switched to my bike as I can't escape the bugs when I'm hiking but I'm a blur on my bike! ZOOM!

No flies on me! (or mosquitos)!!

Have you noticed the infestations of bugs lately in the news? 
Las Vegas is full of grasshoppers, Orillia and North Bay (in Ontario) had literally billions
of shad flies descend upon them!

The major news story at the moment in Canada is about the two teenage boys who are wanted in connection with three murders in British Columbia. They are on the run and were last seen in Northern Manitoba. This sort of thing doesn't happen too often here so the whole country is 
caught up in this awful event. Hope they are found soon!

Keep cool everyone!
It's my favourite day of the year - The PRIDE Parade!!


  1. Your deck area is just beautiful, I can see you really enjoying that - even in the fall curled up with a blanket! I hope the rain passes so you can use it a little more. We are enjoying our new bedroom. We've changed so much in this house since we moved here but so nice to have the bedroom "done". As for those two boys...very very difficult to understand how that happens. I hope the polar bears are enjoying a meal - that or the horseflies.

  2. Your deck is gorgeous! I know you are loving it!
    We are being eaten alive by mosquitos this year. Where are the bats when you need them?

  3. Looks wonderful - sorry you are not yet getting the weather to take advantage of it properly. Over here, we are scratching like mad with thunder flies - each less than 2 mm long but descending in their millions. Whenever the temperature rises we are inundated and guessing that will remain the case until the crop in the neighbouring field is harvested,

  4. The mark of a good tradesman(person) is if they clean up site every. single. day. It's simply good practice. The deck looks fantastic, though - good job - and what a great place to read!

    Hope those boys are caught soon. What makes people do things like that? Scary. xx

  5. Love, love love the deck! Looks so nice, but is it built on the ground with no footings? Do you not have termites there. Just a worry. I love all your furniture it looks so cozy and happy.

  6. What a gorgeous spot! Just lovely.

    Well, those fugitives were found before I got here. Karma sorted them out!


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