Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Humboldt Broncos

Back in April I wrote a post about the road accident that killed most of the Humboldt, Saskatchewan Broncos junior hockey team and coaching staff and injured many more. Today I read about the reformed Broncos team and their upcoming first game - a home opener. I am in no way, shape or form connected to this tragedy other than being one of millions of Canadians who were brokenhearted in the long and painful aftermath of this horrific accident.

In Canada you either play hockey, coach hockey, watch hockey or support your own child, brother, nephew, cousin and friend at 5am practises at the local arena. I guess you could say we all live and breathe hockey. As I jet over the Atlantic my thoughts will be for those remaining Humboldt players who will bravely take to the ice Wed. night. I know they will be playing their hearts out for their lost teammates.

Just by stepping out onto the ice they will be victorious. 


  1. So true. Such a sad tragedy but so glad they have decided to get the new team up and running, those that were left behind and their town need it bigtime.

  2. We in the US who have nothing to do with hockey were horrified and sad.


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