Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Major Explosion!!

The earth has erupted in many shades of green...at long last! 
Needless to say I've been hiking and biking along the trails so that
I can capture some of spring's glory. This
is my favourite time of year when the earth 
comes back to life.

Leaves are appearing...

...delicate flowers are blooming everywhere!

...green carpets are so inviting...

...the trails are easier to see!

...the geese are framed by bridge pylons, softening the view...

...the goslings waiting patiently for the "all clear" from mom and dad...

JACK is back! I thought spring wildflowers were much later this year after the long, harsh
winter but when I checked my wildflower journal it was May 3rd last year when
I first saw the jack-in-the-pulpits, so only a difference of 4 days. 
Mother Nature has her ways of catching up!!

After several floods this year I didn't see as many jack-in-the-pulpits but when I had
a good look around I saw a few more here and there, like in the photo below.
No...that's not my beer bottle. I've cleaned up and filled two garbage bags with garbage while
hiking but it looks like I'm not done yet!

Ahhhhh, green glorious green - my favourite colour!!

As you can see I am spending most of my time outside. We've been having
perfect weather - sunny and 22c today. So it's time for lunch and
then I'll be getting back on my bike so I can explore the trails some more.


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