Monday, March 26, 2018

Marching along....

From the serious to the mundane...

March for our lives - London, Ontario
 Wow - that crowd in Washington D.C. was HUGE...might I say even bigger than someone's "inauguration" last year?!? I was proud to join with fellow members of "People for Peace" and the "Council of Canadians" here in London, ON. on Saturday, March 24th in support of proposed new gun legislation driven by the youth of America, especially those who have experienced gun violence first hand in their schools and communities. I couldn't be any prouder of those kids than if they were my own.

Here, in Canada, we are faced with rather less serious issues but issues that still relate to the leader of our country - Justin Trudeau. We are floundering with the issue (and I do mean FLOUNDERING!!) of gender language, yes, that's right - our headlines and political cartoons provide some comic relief which I suppose is dearly needed these days...

Perhaps you heard about this one...Justin ending "mankind" as we know it...interrupting a woman who used the word "mankind" during one of his cross country town hall meetings...

...and my personal favourite...Service Canada employees told not to use the terms "father" and "mother" anymore but the more gender neutral (and CONFUSING) terms "Parent 1" and "Parent 2"... I guess in my case as a single parent my Service Canada rep should call me "Parent 1 AND Parent 2!"

Or people can choose a term they feel most comfortable with.....

Not satisfied with the neutralization of our language Justin is well on his way to permanent ridicule by some of his outfit choices...causing his constituents great embarrassment!

During a failed trip to India... no government officials showed up to formally greet him and his poor one except a soberly dressed Bollywood star!

A future trip to Germany?

It's not all bad however; Justin is very sincere in his fight for equality - for women, for people of all ethnic groups, religions and sexual orientations...just reign in the ridiculousness a notch or two...PLEASE!!

He does enjoy a good party...seen here at a PRIDE parade...and I admire him for that - no other Prime Minister has gotten past the awkwardness so joyfully as Justin has...(just put away that Miley Cyrus tongue!!)

And no other Prime Minister has done THIS!!

So, as always with our leaders, we have to accept the bad with the good....or do we??? I think the next generation of voters is going to have a BIG SAY about that!!

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  1. I marched in Columbia, MO. As a teacher, I was super proud of our local youth - a breath of fresh air. Now we need to all stay persitent. I want their legacy to be more than “we are the generation of mass school shootings”. Yes, there is always good and bad with elected officials. I’ll trade you Donald for Justin;)


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