Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where is my money???

You don't know either? Great help you are!  

(oopsie! I am reminded by the above photo that I spent $25 on a new pedi, $100 on new shoes including the croc sandals in the above photo - I know, I know - I didn't know Croc made sandals either but they do and believe me my feet are in HEAVEN!! ...and $120 on four new tops to help build my confidence going back to school after my work refusal and stress leave - more to come on those topics!)

Being a teacher my fiscal year/work year begins in September. It usually takes me a month or two or three or more to recover from the excesses of summer be it extra weight around the middle, a fading tan and an exceedingly empty wallet.  

This year I actually came home with money left over!  GASP!!!  It's true, I know, it's hard for me to believe too! But I think I can explain it...

When I first arrived in PEI I took delivery of a new fridge and stove which I had saved up for. 

What a concept - saving up for something instead of just slamming down whichever credit card has the lowest balance! (as I'm supposed to be fairly truthful on this blog (hey! my blog my rules!) otherwise what's the point really) I did pay with my mastercard but only to earn points - I immediately paid off the purchase online, well almost immediately. 

I didn't really purchase anything else of great significance over the summer except for some tools (remember my new pitchfork? :) and a few second hand odds and ends of furniture to make our stay a bit more comfortable. 

And with Michael working at the pub in Alberton I think we spent less on gas and food (with a 50% discount Michael ate a LOT of pub food so maybe you don't want to see him running around nak......darn men - why don't they gain weight at the same rate we women do????). And having a fridge and stove meant buying groceries instead of eating out twice a day! Another cost-saving event was the totally sunny and hot summer - our lawn guy only came four times - once in June, once in July and twice in August thus our lawn bill came in under budget - nice, except our grass turned yellow it was so dry!

But yet my wallet IS EMPTY! Huh??

Two reasons: 
1) I paid off my line of credit prior to the beginning of summer and I've now eliminated that goal bar! If you look WAY down my sidebar you'll see only savings goals now! BUT I have a LOOOOOONG way to go to meet my savings goals so I'm trying to sock away every dollar that I can.

2) The money I didn't spend over the summer I spent when I got home to London, Ontario. Yup, I did. On school supplies, lots and lots of school supplies. The good news is most of it will be reimbursed to me although it usually takes a good couple of months for my receipts to grind their way through a very slow (clogged) system. Oh well, while it screws up my accounting now it will eventually work its way back into my grimy little paws.

Stay tuned....more to come....


  1. Congrats! on paying off your line of credit! Did you close the LoC ??

  2. Yes, I did! It was attached to my condo so needed to do a discharge so now it's mine free and clear to sell when we moved permanently to PEI! Feels so good!

  3. After the tough time you had at the end of last year, you deserve way more than 4 tops! ;)

  4. We could be twins!!! My wallet was in the same shape at the end of this week. Glad you treated yourself to a few things before heading back to work. Last year was a real stinker for you

  5. The good thing is, even though last year was a "real stinker" as you say, it taught me a lot and I am applying lessons learned to my day to day life. Last week was a wonderful start to a brand new school year.

  6. You're sooo right SonyaAnn!! If I can get my butt a bit smaller I'll be hitting up the stores big time!!

  7. Nice sandals! I didn't know crocs made them. I bet it feels so nice to have only savings goals right now!

  8. It's a great feeling for sure, but I need to save save save!!


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