Monday, August 6, 2012

Pitchfork Power

Mark  - I dare you to find a song with the word "pitchfork" in the title!!

Me, I got the pitchfork blues.....well, not really....I just bought my very first pitchfork!!  I'm so excited!!!  You can't live next to potato fields and not own a pitchfork.  Especially when the farmer has told us to help ourselves...take as many as you want he said!  We also needed a pitchfork for Sunset Grove - the space Michael created for watching the sunset - there were a number of bumps and dips that were a bit difficult to navigate at night - even with a flashlight! I imagined wandering out there one night and breaking an ankle or a leg so we decided to even out the area a little bit. Yup - need a pitchfork!

I'm sure you're all familiar with the famous painting by Grant Wood called "American Gothic"'s iconic and wouldn't be  complete without the pitchfork!
I think a pitchfork must be mighty important to be included in such a famous painting, don't you?  It has so many uses for farm folk and country living folk in general: pitching hay (now I know why it's called "pitching"...the word "pitch" is descended from the Middle English word "pichen" which meant to THROW)!, digging up hills of potatoes and other root veggies, breaking up clods of earth, cleaning out a horse or other animal's stall, loosening up the compost pile etc etc...I'm pretty sure my mom kept one by the front door to get rid of those pesky door-to-door salesman who ignored her sign "NO SALESMEN PLEASE" posted next to our doorknocker....she meant business you know!!

 Not exactly dressed for digging potatoes, am I? But as we must photograph everything it had to do!
 And you know what? The pitchfork still worked even though I was wearing flip flops so my $50 investment was well worth it.....or maybe it was Michael's straw hat....
...which also came in handy for toting the potatoes into the house!
Alrighty, on to Sunset Grove where Michael had already been shoveling the dirt around to level things out.
 I did my best to create a "photo moment" but all the darn tree roots made the work harder than it needed to be! This area is going to be a future garden area - just flowers here I think.
Yup, Michael, you're going to have to get all the tree roots outa here before we can do much "pitching"!
Here, you try it....
Its' a little easier over here...
Who knew that this piece of farm machinery that we lounge in from time to time would also be the perfect holding spot for our tools?
 Other recent finds include this wheel rim which may be destined for the fire pit and...
a tire leaning up against its future home as a tire SWING!! Yay!

That's it for today folks!  I hope you're having an incredible summer and thank you for being patient with me and visiting me even though I can't visit you very often. My internet stick has run out of gigs unfortunately and I'm not shelling out another $113 when I have less than two weeks left here in PEI. YIKES! So I'll only be on the internet when I can visit a "hot spot" like the pub I'm in now. It's threatening rain today so that's why I'm inside. Those days have been far and few between this summer - it's only rained twice in the five weeks I've been here! It's dry as a desert here and although there have been some dark clouds today so far it hasn't rained one single drop!!

And.....Usain Bolt won the 100m!! Did you see that race??? Wow, WOW, WOW!!


  1. Now where are the horns that go with that fork?  I know you have them some where!

  2. LOL!! You know me too well :)

  3. Don't go joining any angry crowds, now!

  4. Looks like you know how to pitch even in cute shoes!!

  5. Okay, I must admit.  I first read this post several hours ago but promised myself I'd only come back after I could think of a song that has pitchfork in it.  But I can't.  The closest I can come to it is the opening of Green Acres. And still, the word "pitchfork" isn't in there.  Perhaps I should start thinking about "pichen".  I'm sure Led Zeplen used it somewhere along the line.  Or perhaps it was Deep Purple.  Either way, I'm not giving up.
    Okay, so you're hoeing with flip flops on, huh?  Takes all kinds, I guess!
    Enjoy your time left.  I'm very happy for you both.

  6. I'm not hoeing, I'm pichening! Your urban-ness (urbanity?) is showing!

  7. I have much experience with a pitchfork lol!

  8. Hey now, I didn't think about that! Don't think I'll find an angry mob here in PEI though!

  9. Could you two be any cuter?  It is almost sickening.;p How can two people be happy and fight-free while digging in the dirt? Den and I would be fighting!

  10. I can't think of a song with pitchfork in it for you and mark, but there is a PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL!lol
    You missed it tho for this year.....

    Email me privately Jane when you get a chance, k?

  11. Oh, we have our moments lemme tell you! I'd write about one of them that happened recently but I don't think Michael would be too impressed! (nudity involved!)(not mine!)

  12. What a great neighbor giving you as many potatoes as you want.  I love tire swings too - great idea

  13. wow free taters! digging those up were one of the few chores I liked doing as a kid at my grandpa/parent's garden - didn't have the hard part though - parents got the bush out and my brother and I dug for the spuds! now it'd be work!

  14. Jane @The maple Syrup MobAugust 7, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    The pitchfork could also double as a toasting to get your full money's worth!
    Jane x

  15. Looks like you're having a wonderful time :) hope the last two weeks are marvellous! 

  16. that is so cute :) 

  17. Love the new farm implement!  It suits you and your home at PEI. :)


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