Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So I haven't been doing the greatest job at posting and staying caught up on your lives. I have two excuses errrrr reasons: 1) busy busy busy and 2) my internet stick is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than I thought it would be. It costs $113 ($100 plus tax) for 1.5gigs which I can use up in no time if I'm not paying attention. Especially when I'm uploading and posting photos or doing a search for something.

BUT this morning I'm at the local pub using their wifi for FREE so I'm going to post a lot of photos while I have the chance. The owner of the pub, Steve, is such a great guy - he grinds fresh coffee beans when I come in and serves me coffee for FREE! Don't ya just love free stuff??

So to catch you all up to date: Michael did NOT get the job he interviewed for a week ago today BUT neither did anyone else. He was told he was the strongest candidate but needed to take a certain course which he will do hopefully starting in September. As no one had the exact qualifications they were looking for the job has been put "on hold" so we hope once Michael takes the course he can reapply and be hired. For now he's going to be working in the pub wherein I'm currently sitting and he just told me to say a big HI to the BLOGGING COMMUNITY!!  We're both very happy that he gets to stay in PEI for the summer - there's always a silver lining isn't there?!

The weather has been amazing - the complete opposite of last year when it was cold and rained almost every day! However campfires have been outlawed in a lot of areas due to the extreme dryness. It seems that the weather these days is always EXTREME - there is no happy medium. Is this the effect of global warming? Is this what we're to expect from now on?

Well, since this is not a blog about "global warming" I'll move on to other, less stressful, topics such as...mango smoothies, strawberry shortcake, sunsets, music nights, beaches....

today's pictures are just from around our homestead which we call Crofters Lane...

 This is my dad's brass knocker - it was on our amily house when I was growing up (he was in the navy during WW11); it looks right at home beside our front door and its nautical theme fits in well here on the island! Ahoy matey and all that...not that anyone comes to the FRONT DOOR!!
 My sister gave me this lovely fat ceramic bird one Christmas and it's found a nice home on the railing of my verandah.  AND it doesn't make a mess...
 Speaking of the verandah - I've given my rocking chair a new coat of paint and installed our lovely new fire burner on a side table. Notice one of the "mosquito-free" zones in the background! However, the earwigs like it so I've tied it in a loose knot so it doesn't touch the floor when not in use!
 I had a lovely fire the other night as I had collected a lot of paper and cardboard and wanted to get rid of it. Doing that reminds me of my dad - he had a large metal barrel that he used to burn all of our paper-based trash in when I was just a wee nipper...
My other "mosquito free" zone near the firepit but also in the shade. I bought this at the Tignish Co-op last summer and never took it out of it's carrier bag. It has a life of its own - I opened the bag and it literally sprang into its current shape - I nearly lost an eye! (just exaggerating a wee bit there!)
 One of my many favorite spots to hang around in...I was reading in it the other day and the wind was SO strong that day I was to-ing and fro-ing with no effort of my own. V e r y  r e l a x i n g . . .
Look at that sky! I think my house looks happy!
That's for the birds...in a good way :) I bought that ceramic bird bath on my birthday weekend in Niagara Falls and it has come HOME to roost, so to speak...
One of the many flowers/weeds growing in my overgrown laneway...
 My overgrown laneway - the hedgerows need to be beaten back a little...I'm worried that one year we'll arrive and the two hedgerows will have joined together and I won't be able to get through!
 But it's such a pretty space - it's one of the reasons I love my property so much...
 From the road - you can see how far our home is from the road - that's our wee forest and to the left that small shape is our house...well, really just the roof as there is a huge bamboo patch disguising it a bit...
I like this shot - it looks like the house has two eyes that are peeking over the bamboo patch...

Ok, that's it for now, gotta go spend some time in the sunshine!


  1. Jane @The maple Syrup MobJuly 17, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    We are having stinking hot weather here..the upside is that the mozzies don't like it...the downside is it's too hot to do any chores so the list keeps growing. Happy to hear your beloved can spend the summer with you!
    Take care!
    Jane x

  2. Thanks Jane! I just hope my daughter is taking good care of our 18 year old cat in my absence! It's "stinking hot" in London too! Not too bad here in PEI though :)

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  3. Beautiful. Looks like such a peaceful place to be.

  4. Looks beautiful and sounds like you are having a great time.

  5. I think your house has a big toothy grin! ;-)

    I hope Michael's Job Plan A works out in the end, but it's a darn good Plan B too.lol

    You have me wanting a summer home on PEI now too.....darn you.....

  6. LOVE the pics Jane! Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven with us!

    Glad Michael will be spending the summer with you!!  Although I would have come to keep you company!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that he will be able to reapply and land that job...

  7. Settled right in, I see! I love the pop-up tent thingie-I could use one of those on occasion!
    And the bamboo patch is great. Now I must get some!
    Great to see you guys back on the Island!

  8. Barbara BombergerJuly 17, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    The pcitures are lovely, thanks for sharing!!

  9. Oh so beautiful! I love your home. 

  10. Love this place, I hope the sewer works:) thanks for the support, I know I was over the top awful, but I am trying to hang on.......

  11. Would you mind terribly if I just dropped in on my way home from work one day?  I wouldn't stay long, promise!

  12. Wow that is paradise at its finest! 

  13. looks so peaceful!!!!  

    "HI MICHAEL" :) 

  14. You're always welcome, but it would be quite a detour!

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    mhimes wrote :
    Would you mind terribly if I just dropped in on my way home from work one day?  I wouldn't stay long, promise! m.
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  15. Great to hear from you.

    Sounds like Michael's job (we'll call it that, I think) is still in the pipeline. Which is great.

    And a job in your fav. bar, sounds perfect for the summer.

    Sounds like you are both having a heavenly time and I love all the pics.

    Sft x

  16. just catching up on blogs myself, so nice to see all those beautiful, peaceful pics of you lovely place!
    enjoy the summer!

  17. great excuse to hang out at the pub! :-)

  18. Super photos and very beautiful countryside........are you enjoying your summer?


  19. I so wish I was in PEI with you! The weather in Ontario has been blistering hot!

  20. Please accept a 'One Lovely Blog' award from me


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